Why Choosing A Property Near Water Is The Best Decision

Ever since the ancient times, humans have always looked to water for healing or transformational properties. Early Romans regarded baths as an integral part of their cultural lives. The water element creates physical harmony for Chinese medicine. Rivers are sacred places, and water symbolizes rebirth or cleansing.

Today, people still regard water as a bearer of calmness and clarity. Vacations are spent on beaches and lakes. Enjoyment like surfing, sailing and many more are enjoyed in water. Baths and showers refresh people. Often times, homes are also built near water.

Here are some reasons of the importance of water in healing people’s minds and bodies.

Water gives people’s brains rest. Being bombarded with various sensory stimuli, downtime is needed. Being around water allows rest from extreme stimulation.

Water induces a state of meditation. Even with just simply gazing out at the sea or ocean or observing water movements, a gentle awareness and meditative calmness is felt. Water induces focus and attentiveness.

Water inspires people’s confidence and connection. With the mere act of interacting or observing water, one experiences a feeling of awe. This emotion brings a connection far beyond oneself. This allows one to be in unity with nature by being connected to oneself, to the world and to any companion a person is with. This is the reason why romantic moments like engagements, weddings or honeymoons happen next to waterside locations.

Blue minds are creative minds. When the brain is in a restful state, people are able to make unusual, if not new, connections. This is the reason why during showers, ideas suddenly elude as compared to when solutions were desperately searched for in front of computers.

Exercising near or in water is beneficial to people’s brains and bodies. It also reduces stress. This gives mental boost as compared to working out in gyms or around crowds.

Clearly, being near or in water promotes a great mind and physicality. It is essentially the best reason for considering to live near bodies of water aside from cities becoming too congested and overpopulated. When people consider to buy a Condo in Krabi boat marina, to buy a beach front property in Hua Hin for the family or to simply vacation while enjoying the beach in Phuket, water brings anyone at ease and at peace.