Which Is Better: Wrapping Paper Or Gift Bags?

There are many ways to wrap a gift – it could either be placed in a gift bag or secured inside a black gift box and covered with wrapping paper. The hardest part is deciding which method to use and which one applies in every occasion. Wrapping your gift is more secured and well hidden while gift bags are available in unlimited cute designs. What should you use and can you do both?

There are people who appreciate gift wrapped presents while there are those givers who would prefer a much easy task of using a gift bag. With the gift bags, the receiver can just as easily open the presents while keeping the bag intact while this is quite impossible to do when the gift is wrapped tightly. Though you hate to disappoint the person who wrapped it meticulously, you will have to tear through it to see the contents. If you are the type that easily gets disappointed then it is much better to use a gift bag. It is perfect for the lazy as well as there is no need to cut anything, no need to use tapes and no seams that need to be folded perfectly. All you have to do is place the gift inside, stuff some tissue and other fillers and you’re good to go. No leftover papers and tapes to clean up and less effort. This can be done in few minutes. Another benefit is that these bags can still be reused after the gift is taken out.

While using a gift bag has proven to be much easier, the method is considered to be impersonal and is not recommended. Gift wrapping will convey a bigger message to the receiver and that is the effort and time spent on buying the gift as well as wrapping it. You can add something personal to the gesture and you have the option to choose whatever wrapping style suits you. You have the option to choose the right kind of paper that is suitable for the occasion. If you are out of time then you can buy a gift bag instead and add something personal such as a handmade bow.