Where To Install Security Cameras?

Having Security Cameras in the house is almost an essential when it comes to keeping the safety of your family. Yet, having security cameras doesn’t automatically keep it safe and it may not be very useful on its own as they have to be installed in places strategic enough if you want to maximize the safety of the home. The following are some good areas to install these eyes in the sky:


Entrances would always be the thief’s preferred points when it comes to forcible entry into homes. In fact, 55% of thieves prefer using them. Majority of the 55% would rather use the front door more often than the back door.

With that, it’s always important to have your security camera installed outside the home where it can directly see the front door or the back door unhindered. A good area for this is the roof space or an area high enough so that people can’t tamper with it. For two-story homes, a space at the second floor is a good spot to place the camera.

For back doors, they have to be as clearly seen as the front door. However, most backyards are poorly lit. Thus, it is imperative to provide good lighting for the back door so that the cameras may have a good view of what’s happening.


Thieves would always want to enter a home via open windows. Thus, it is imperative to always keep them shut. However, maximizing security to these windows means that cameras may have to be installed in strategic areas to monitor windows, as some windows are fragile enough for easy forcible entry.


Garages are vulnerable to theft because of the amount of high priced goods that people tend to store in them together with cars. Moreover, the garage is difficult to personally monitor as most of them are detached from the house.
Therefore, it is imperative to always lock the garage door after arriving and parking the car. High quality locking systems are also a security option for added safety. Better yet, installing cameras on or near the garage door can help in maximizing the security for your stored goods.


A lot of thefts have happened due to unlocked basements and windows that have access to basements. Putting cameras on the stairs that lead from your home to the basement can help deter these kinds of thefts. Placing motion detectors would also help improve security.

Baby Room

The safety of the baby inside the home’s nursery is top priority for young families. Thus, installing a camera in these rooms will help ensure that the baby is safe and easy to monitor. This will help you monitor what is happening inside the nursery without always being physically present.