What You Should Know Before Renting a Vehicle

If you own a vehicle at home, then you probably know the importance of the necessity that it brings to you. Unfortunately, when you travel to other places, especially via air, you will not be able to bring your vehicles with you. It can be quite a hassle to wait for public transportation so what you can do is to rent a vehicle from a recognized rental companies.

Renting a vehicle can provide with all sorts of advantages such as not waiting in line for public transportation, or paying for a taxi every time you need to go somewhere. But before you go on renting a vehicle, there are certain things that you should first be aware of.

  1. Your credit card may provide insurance but may not cover the cost of damage. When you rent a vehicle, the agent may offer you an option to purchase a car rental insurance that will cover any necessary cost for damages. Usually, this option is an expensive one. You should know that you may not even need to purchase one as there is only a slight chance that you will damage the vehicle and if ever that does happen, your credit card may cover the costs for you. But it would all have to depend on the type of credit card you have and from the company you got it from. Some credit card companies don’t include the covering of damage costs for rental properties.
  2. Gas is more expensive at the rental company. Never prepay for gasoline because gasoline from rental companies tend to be more expensive. Always make sure to return the vehicle at full tank so that you don’t get charged for the gasoline you didn’t put.
  3. Always go for the paved road. Never go off road because one of the most important policies of rental companies is that their vehicles should only be driven on paved roads. If you purchase insurance for damage costs, it might get void the moment you drive off road.
  4. You would have to pay for your kids to drive. The problem is that if you are below 25 years old, then you would have to pay additional fees because most companies do not even allow them. This is applicable for all types of rentals, even if you go for a handy ute rental.