Villa Rentals In Thailand – Luxury Living For A Holidaymaker


I have been to Bangkok and Phuket but I have never tried Villa Rentals in Thailand. I have dreamed of staying at one of the luxury villas but I was afraid that the cost is not within my budget. I have always booked for accommodations in popular resort areas where tour operators offer packages for snorkeling and diving trips. Now I am going to try renting a private villa for the family so that we can avoid the droves of holidaymakers in island resorts.

Thailand offers different kinds of accommodations for holidaymakers. There is a choice from a wide range of 5-star and 4-star hotels with luxurious amenities and ocean facing pool villas with 2 to 6 bedrooms including a private infinity pool. The pool villas are designed to provide guests with a different experience so that they will come back for more. The rich interiors are designed for a guest who wants to enjoy a wonderful sense of privacy. Aside from the opulence of the interiors, most pool villas provide elegant dining experiences and memorable pool-side spa treatments.

The family spent a day in Bangkok which certainly wasn’t enough because there were lots of things to do and see in the capital. After a tour of the Grand Palace, we made our way to some of the city’s other landmarks like the famous Wat Po and Wat Arun. However, there were hordes of international visitors that everywhere we went; there was never a dearth of crowds. Thailand lives to its name as a major tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

One of the things I always look forward to in Thailand is the street food. All kinds of treats can be found in abundance on the streets and surprisingly, most of the customers are tourists. It is very likely that many people have now heard of the unique culinary experience that Thailand provides.

Apart from the delicious and cheap food, we perused hundreds of stalls selling unique products made by the locals. There were paintings, wall hangings and hand –dyed textiles that can be used as unique décor for our home. The market is crowded but we really enjoyed that part of our Thailand holiday.