Useful Tips For The Shopping Enthusiasts In Bangkok Useful Tips For The Shopping Enthusiasts In Bangkok

Em Quartier Bangkok has literally transformed Phrom Phong into the biggest shopping hub of the capital city. If your purpose in visiting Bangkok is to shop, your best option is hotel near Em Quartier to easily fulfill your passion. Designer brands of clothing, shoes, hats and bags are available in the shopping mall as well as dozens of restaurants and offices.

Aside from shopping malls, there are other great places in Bangkok where you can shop to your heart’s delight. Research online or buy a map to find the shops that sells stuff for a cheaper price. Good bargains can be found in Chinatown or the Pratunam market for RTW clothing. There are also shopping centres where you find a fake Rolex or a branded bag for a third of its price in malls.

Since Bangkok is almost always crowded with tourists and locals, it is important to plan ahead and work out a logical route. It is very likely that you will be doing some walking while looking for good deals which mean wearing the most comfortable shoes. Since taxis are expensive, your best option is the waterways, the underground or the Skytrain.

It is also likely that you will consider the tuktuk to get around the city. One word of advice, negotiate the price with the tuktuk driver before you ride. Be aware that some tuktuk drivers have business relations with retail stores. Instead of bringing to you to the destination of your choice, you might find yourself inside a jewellery or clothing store.

To avoid getting lost in Bangkok, always bring a piece of card that contains the hotel’s address as well as the contact information. Staffs in most hotels are conversant in English but not the locals you will meet in the streets. It is very difficult to ask for directions if you do not speak Thai.

If you will choose a hotel near Em Quartier, you will be saved the hassle of finding other shopping options. Shopping in Bangkok is an experience that you will never forget because of the cheap prices for many different items. However, don’t blow your baht unnecessarily.