Types Of Communications Used In Security Systems

Technology never stops growing thus there are now many options when it comes to residential and commercial security systems. These systems uses different communications hub which is dependent on the need of the client. There are traditional security systems available if you want only the basic while there are also more modern options. The important thing is to choose the security system that is ideal for your home or business. Here are the different communications medium used by security systems.

Telephone line. This is the most traditional kind and the main advantage with telephone line hookup is that it has been used for many years. Majority of security professionals are already familiar with this type which makes installation and repair easier. You won’t have trouble looking for someone who knows how to repair your system in case something goes wrong. This type of communication is also considered to be the most reliable since it will function despite power shortages. It is also cheaper to maintain and the equipment used with telephone line security system is cheaper compared to modern security systems. The downside is that it has been used for many years that the system can be attacked easily.

Internet connection. This is another communication medium used in residential and commercial security systems. This is the most convenient to use because of the available software that even the beginners will be able to catch up on right away. It can be used to access various components of a security system including thermostats, lighting, cameras and entry systems. Notifications sent to the central station are received much faster. Like telephone connection, if the wire is cut then the system will be useless.

Cellular connection. This is the latest communication medium used in security systems. It uses digital transmission in a wireless manner and more data is sent over lesser time. This is ideal for both residential and commercial security systems because less disruption is experienced, it cannot be tampered and it offers the most reliable communication method. The only downside is that it costs more to maintain because of the monthly charge.