To Buy Or Not To Buy Aftermarket Tyres

Before you search for replacement tyre on the Gold Coast, make sure you know the specifications of tyres to ensure that you will get the exact replica of the tyre that was installed on your car on the day it was purchased. Many car owners will opt for OEM tyres that are produced by the same manufacturer of the vehicle. Another option is aftermarket tyres which are produced by independent manufacturers and made to fit a wide range of cars.

When you shop for a tyre on the Gold Coast using your vehicle’s specifications, it is very likely to see a tyre that has been marked with “Original Equipment.” It does not necessarily mean that this tyre is the right tyre for your car because the choice will depend on what you want from the tyres and your vehicle.

OEM tyres are the tyres that the car manufacturer has chosen for your car. They are the tyres that came with the car when it rolled off the assembly line. Original equipment tyres have been produced with the specific characteristics that complement the performance features of your car. However, there are aftermarket tyres that can enhance the fuel efficiency of your vehicle or make it quieter or sportier.

If you want to try a new set of replacement tyres, you can always go to the aftermarket and provide the qualities that you desire in the vehicle. For example, ultra-high performance tyres will allow for exceptional handling while touring tyres will provide extra comfort with lower noise. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable driving with your OEM tyres, it makes sense to buy the same ones again. Make sure though that you have the original receipt because there are warranties that cover the tyres from the date of purchase.

If you will inspect the tyre on the Gold Coast, you will find the date of manufacture at side of the tyres. The number starts with DOT followed by series of 10 to 12 characters that will tell you the week, year and place of manufacture, size of the tyre and the manufacturer’s unique code. Be properly informed to ensure you are buying the right ones.