Tips On How To Clean A Conservatory


A good conservatory cleaning can help maintain your conservatory in tiptop shape. A conservatory adds functionality, value and elegance to a home that is why it is important that it is kept clean and well-maintained at all times. Having a grubby conservatory is like a betrayal of its very purpose. Fortunately for you, cleaning the inside of a conservatory is easy to do. All you would need is feather duster and you’re all set. Cleaning the outside of the conservatory is the difficult part. Of course, you should not deny yourself the luxury of hiring a professional conservatory cleaner to clean out your conservatory from the inside out, but if you do choose to clean the conservatory yourself to save money, then here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

  1. AVOID THE POWER WASHER. This is important because most people are often tempted or enticed by the thought of using a power washer. Using these, it would take only a couple of minutes to remove the dirt. Unfortunately though, for something as fragile as a conservatory, a power washer may not be the wisest choice. The exterior of the conservatory may not be strong enough to handle the force of the power washer’s blows. In extreme cases, you might end up paying more for repairs than on cleaning so it is best if you steer clear from them.
  2. DON’T CLIMB ON THE ROOF. As mentioned above, the conservatory’s exterior may be a tad bit fragile that is why it would be best if you do not mount on the roof as your weight might cause it to shatter. Instead, you can use a ladder to climb until you are at the level of the roof.
  3. DON’T FORGET THE GUTTERS. The gutters also need to be cleaned because they can be filled with all sorts of debris.
  4. REMOVE MOSSES AND MOULDS. You should only do this after you have swept the conservatory clean. You can remove the moss and mould using a specialized solution which can either be bought or homemade.
  5. CHECK THE INTERIOR. Mosses and moulds do not just inhabit the outer layers of the conservatory; they may get inside as well so be sure to check the conservatory thoroughly from the inside to the outside.