Tips For Promoting Your Bar’s Happy Hour

Happy Hours are a big draw for people who want to cut loose and relax. Workers that have finished their workday, travellers looking something to water their travel experience down, among others. The hours where Happy Hour is available is precious time, great at drawing in hungry and thirsty customers looking to cut back and relax with a drink, or two.Or five. This means that, for bars, Happy Hours are a big deal, which means that promoting their Happy Hour is equally important.

So regardless of where you are, whether you’re looking to work on happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit or London, here are some tips to bring in people.

  • The basics.
    • Make sure your bar has clear and visible signs that tells people you have happy hour. This is the most basic step when doing happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit or anywhere else, but it’s still worth taking note. If someone comes in after Happy Hour, tell them they can still catch it the following day. Also, give customers bounceback coupons for a deal should they come back for another round and they’ll be more inclined to come back for seconds.
  • Add me.
    • Social media is, of course, a great tool for generating leads and bringing in customers. Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, that sort of thing. These can bring in people for minimal cost; all you need to update regularly. Another thing worth noting is that employees tend to spend a lot of their time reading through their social media feeds close to the end of the workday. This is when they’re easiest to reach.
  • Happy Hour is a group effort.
    • Most Happy Hours aren’t done with lone people; they’re usually with a big group of friends or coworkers, so take advantage of that fact, and offer special deals and discounts for large groups of people. These sort of deals will attract people to your happy hour specials in short order.
  • Have something special planned.
    • Cheap foods and drinks are great and all, but special events and menu offerings can work wonders for livening up your happy hour. Offer people karaoke, live performances, and even trivia, paired alongside special “happy-hour only” meals and drinks to draw people in. Both make for something special and distinct to pull people in to your happy hour.