The Phenomenon Of The Ugly Christmas Sweater

The first time I wore this sweater from for the family Christmas dinner, everyone was telling me to take it off and burn it to ashes so that they won’t ever see it again. But why should I burn my ugly sweater after all the effort at searching for the most unusual sweater from It is not even ugly; I am just trying to make a statement like everybody.

The ugly Christmas sweater is actually a phenomenon and I do not have to worry about wearing something unique and ugly because everyone is doing the same thing. What worries most people nowadays is whether their sweaters are ugly enough otherwise they might be left out from the trend. The uglier the sweater, the better it is.

Many online stores specialize in ugly Christmas sweaters and they have never been at a loss for customers. Families are buying the ugliest sweaters they can find on the net so that they can throw a proper “ugly sweater party”. Aside from ugly sweaters, there are now ugly jerseys, ugly suits and team branded ugly sweaters. I have one from my favorite team when they decided on this promotional gimmick as incentive for their fans. It seems that everybody is earning the big bucks from something ugly and outrageous.

Friends were asking if I would dare have myself photographed in my ugly Christmas sweater and post it on Facebook. I would because I love my ugly sweater but do you think I will look ridiculous and stupid? First of all, the sweater is comfortable and it is a functioning piece of clothing. It does it basic job of protecting me from the cold. So it’s ugly, but what is the problem?

The ugly Christmas sweater used to be a presented as holiday gift that will bring in the laughter and smiles. Is this a joke? But recently, many offices have featured an ugly Christmas sweater theme with contests on who wears the ugliest Christmas sweater. So if you think you have been unfortunate to receive an extremely ugly sweater, think again because you might be the winner in this year’s holiday party.