The Challenge Of Choosing Stone Top Vanity Units

When I decided to upgrade my old and worn out vanity, most of my friends suggested stone top vanity units that will standup to stains caused by cosmetics, toothpaste, alcohol and acetone-based liquids. Although the finish used in most vanity units are moisture resistant, it better to be to secure with a stone top that will not be penetrated by water. However, little did I know that vanity tops come in different materials.

Marble and granite are unrivaled when it comes to elegance and beauty but they are really expensive. I was thinking that a solid sheet of marble or granite might not be within my budget but I just cannot resist its beauty. The salesperson was actually explaining that if I were to choose cultured marble, it will be more affordable. However, it isn’t pure marble but natural marble chips that were embedded in plastic. My idea for a stone top vanity unit is a solid sheet with a wash basin molded into it. Cultured marble looks elegant but it is important to be given with extra care because once scratched it cannot be resurfaced.

Laminate tops were also available and the salesperson said that it very popular among their customers because of its good value and performance. Laminates are not natural stone but stacks of thin plastic layers with thermoplastic resin and bonded together through heat and pressure. But while laminate tops look pretty enough for a bathroom, they can wear thin and grow dull over time. If you accidentally hit it with a hard blow, it can chip easily and there is no remedy short of replacement. However laminate top has its good points because it cleans easily and is water-resistant.

However, in spite of the different options, I was really bent on Stone Top Vanity Units because of its extreme durability. While there isn’t much threat in my bathroom for heavy falling objects, I do not want my vanity top to be damaged by stains and scratches. I cannot watch my kids every time they use the bathroom and it makes sense to have something reliable and durable that will last for a long period of time.