Thailand Golf Talk – Surprising Facts About Playing Golf At The Golf Capital Of Southeast Asia

On a yearly basis around four hundred thousand people travel to Thailand from all over the world, only to play golf. The Golf capital of Southeast Asia offers unique golfing experience in their over two hundred fifty options of Thailand golf course spread across every region. Ninety percent of these courses are championship standard. They even have their own tourism industry for golf, which integrates the game and discovering the country altogether.

Many of these golf courses are designed by professionals who are world-renowned to be an expert in this field such as Greg Norman, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros. Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. Thailand has a great land area stretching from north to south, which means there are several different climates in different regions. Golf is, of course, an outdoor sport, so the weather is a great factor. And with geography like this, there is always a great chance that it is sunny somewhere in Thailand all year. And with more than two hundred fifty Thailand golf course and clubs all around the country, there sure is one somewhere where the sun is.

The Unusual Places

There are golf courses overlooking the mountain borders of Myanmar, and there are others with a panoramic view of temples. Other golf courses are between runways where planes take off while you play. Golf courses with beach and ocean views are also not new in Thailand, especially in the areas of Phuket and Pattaya. There are also golf courses overlooking lush jungles. Other golf courses have their own race circuit, so you can opt to raise some adrenaline after a laid back game of golf.

The Caddies

Most golf courses require that you hire a caddy, and in Thailand, most caddies are ladies. These caddies are also very knowledgeable, providing good advice as well as good players themselves. The TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand even held a championship for caddies which showcased how great Thai caddies are with playing the outdoor sport.

The Six-Ball

While the rest of the world play golf in fours or in pairs, it is normal to see six people playing together in Thailand. Foreigners are even amused to see almost a crowd of thirty, because of the six people playing with a couple of caddies, fore-caddies, and bodyguards each.