Team Building As The Key To Business Success

Businesses whether large or small can gain from team building activities because it improves motivation, camaraderie, morale, communication and productivity. Shared activities help employees to learn more about one another and determine their own weaknesses and strengths as well as promote better teamwork in the workplace. Great teamwork is one of the secrets behind business success.

In team building, it is important to choose activities that are both challenging and fun. There are different types of activities that can be undertaken by employees to enhance communication, problem solving, decision-making and adaptability not to mention build trust. However, the side effect of team building activities must improve employee performance and productivity in the workplace.

There are highly effective team building activities that can improve communication and problem solving skills like “Two truths and a lie” or “Life Highlights Game.” As its name implies, the game involves truths and lies. Each team member must secretly write down two truths about themselves and a lie on a piece of paper. An open conversation is allowed for 10 minutes where everyone asks each questions. The idea here is convince others that the lie is a truth.

After the conversation, the team gathers in a circle and reads their 3 statements. The group has to vote on which of the statements is a lie. Points are awarded to every lie that has been discovered. This game promotes better conversation among employees and allows them to know more about each other. Friendships are developed among acquaintances.

The Life Highlights Game is an excellent icebreaker for both small and large groups. Each participant closes the eyes and thinks of a best moment in their life whether alone or shared with family and friends. It can be a moment of professional achievement, exciting personal adventure or a personal success that they can share to other participants.

It is also important for team building activities to allow participants to learn about each other’s passions, loves and personalities. This will provide them with a better understanding of their co-employee’s attitudes and daily moods. When a better relationship in the workplace is achieved, the team works as one towards business success.