Some Tips For Myanmar Travellers

So, you’ve decide to head for Myanmar; you’ve got the airline tickets, booked the hotel in Myanmar Yangon, and gotten all packed for the trip. Great!

If you’re travelling anywhere, it’s a good idea to be informed of the do’s and don’t in the local area, so if you’re looking to head to Myanmar in the future, here are some useful tips.

  • Get local.
    • Wherever you go, using the local currency tends to give better deals than using whatever currency you might use back home. If you do end up using your own currency, chances are the deals you’ll get aren’t as good, usually because the stores lower the currency rate for profits. Bringing some dollars along for the trip is still a good idea, though, as emergencies can happen, and it never hurts to be prepared.
  • Book in advance.
    • This isn’t just a good Myanmar travel tip, it’s a good travel tip, in general. Booking in advance will save you a lot of headaches when hoping to stay in a hotel in Myanmar Yangon, especially in the high season, where sellouts are commonplace. Booking a month in advance is usually the smartest option, doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for luxury or working with a tight budget, booking in advance helps.
  • Got your SIM?
    • There’s wifi in Myanmar, and it’s quite common, but with Myanmar not really having ISP quality like the US or Australia, then you can expect that there might be some hiccups with wifi. To avoid this, a local SIM card with a data plan is useful, allowing you to access the internet and use apps like Google Maps (which is very useful), as you travel around Myanmar.
  • Maybe skip the bus.
    • Night buses in Myanmar are commonplace, and they save on accommodation for a single night, plus they’re fast so you don’t waste a day just ravelling. Here’s the thing, Myanmar’s roads are rough and windy, which means the driving conditions at night are testy, to say the least. Most night buses also arrive around 3-5 AM, with hotels only allowing check-ins from 2 PM on wards, so you might end up stuck waiting for check-in.