Serviced Apartments Versus Hotels

People who are traveling for business and pleasure, nowadays, are always looking for more options when it comes to accommodations. They are aiming to have a place where they can stay comfortable as much as possible while away from home. This is the reason why the tourism industry has developed different accommodations for travelers including hotels and serviced apartments. Hotel accommodations may sound familiar to both first time and frequent travelers but it is not the case with serviced apartments. Many have not heard of the term before and many are not aware that such accommodation even exists.

To make it simple, a service apartment is an apartment unit complete with furnishings which can be booked for short or long term stay while providing daily amenities to guests. While this may sound like a hotel, there is actually a big difference between the two accommodations.

  • For the frequent traveler who always book hotel accommodations, they are accustomed to staying in hotel rooms with basic bedroom furnishings such as bed, television and a telephone. There are some that have facilities where guests can make coffee or tea. A bathroom is of course available inside the room. A hotel may suffice in some way but there is a better alternative presented by a serviced apartment which is considered as a home away from home. There is a separate space for the living room, dining room and the bedroom. Space and privacy are the number one reasons why serviced apartments are better.
  • As for the price, there might not be a big difference between the two except the worth of the price paid. With hotels, the money you spent was only able to get you a bedroom with basic entertainment and amenities while serviced apartment offers more space and privacy plus you can cook your own meals.
  • If you are planning to stay in a hotel long term, the price can add up in the long run and you might find that booking a serviced apartment in Sukhumvit is cheaper. Many serviced apartments have negotiable rates and the equivalent of one-night stay can get cheaper the longer one stays.