Scuba Diving And The Thrill Of Being Able To Breathe Like A Fish

In Phuket, the beauty of the endless span of natural beaches is comparable to the magnificence of the environment that can be found under the waters. For those who prefer an adventure that involves scuba diving in Phuket, you will be spoilt for choice because of the amazing coral gardens and vast array of fishes and other marine life.

From November to April, diving boats and yachts run all day because it is diving season. The skies are clear and the climate is favourable to scuba diving. Divers experience the best visibility and currents to enjoy the magnificent view of underwater gardens. Divers who are fortunate enough may meet a whale shark, the world’s biggest fish.

The best part of scuba diving is the ability to breathe in the waterswhich is not normal for humans. It is an easy feat for professional scuba divers but for the newcomers to the water sport, it takes a while to get used to being able to breathe like a fish. Once you dive regularly, you become more comfortable and calmer in the water environment.

Diving equipment can be rented at dive spots. This usually includes the basic scuba gear composed of a mask, snorkel, fins, a buoyancy compensating jacket that will carry the scuba tank, the regulator to breathe from and the instruments that will measure depth and air supply. A scuba wetsuit is also available but it is suggested to bring your own.

When you search for scuba diving in Phuket, you will meet certain terms like day trip which means a series of dives from a dive boat that has been designed specifically for the purpose. On a typical day, you may experience two to three dives to enjoy some of Phuket’s underwater attractions.

The great thing about Thailand is being able to experience different adventures from scuba diving in Phuket to the opportunity to visit tropical rainforests. The cuisine is delicious and the locals are hospitable. Popular tourist destinations are equipped with the all the necessary amenities and facilities that will make it more fun and comfortable for visitors. There is also a wide range of accommodations available to suit all budgets.