Sailing Destinations To Consider Across The Globe

If you are thinking about joining RYA Sailing Holidays, you are definitely giving yourself an experience unlike any other. Sailing out the ocean is quite a unique recreational activity that can give you a sense of calmness that is not offered by the most typical hobbies. So if you are to give sailing away a chance, it would be best to maximize the enjoyment by choosing out the best spots where to set sail across the globe. Here are some of the best known sailing destinations around the world.

1. Greece

Greece is said to be a home to an estimated 1200-1600 beautiful islands where you can set sail. Exploring the islands within this country that had been part of a great history as well as myths may give you a sense of time travel or maybe a feeling that you are the Greek god of the oceans, Poseidon. Other than its rich history, you can be a witness to the greatest sunsets on this planet, or experience the best nightlife the Greek Islands are known for.


2. New Zealand
Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is known for its out-of-this-world landscape and impressive coastline. You are at the right place when you decide to sail in the coastal gems of NZ like the city of Auckland, more popularly known as the “City of Sails”, where you might think that with the perfect weather conditions and unbelievable number of boats, this recreational activity is created and meant to be done in this island among many others.

3. The British Virgin Islands

It is known by many as the “Sailor’s Paradise” with its consistent trade winds and line-of-sight navigation. The Sir Francis Drake Channel in the northeast Caribbean Sea is said to be the perfect place for a family sailing trip. After enjoying a day of sailing, you can also enjoy the luxury of shopping at the most elegant boutiques around.


4. Thailand

The sailors in Thailand are said to be wearing the biggest grins as they sleep every night. Apart from the exquisite dishes Thai people are known for like Tom Yum Goong or spicy shrimp soup that you may enjoy as you sail the waters, there is a great catamaran program you can enroll in which can give you the opportunity to be in solitude with the beautiful bays of Thailand, away from the crowds that explore the wonders of this country.