Reasons To Watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Have you ever come across a group of guys wearing My Little Pony costumes? Or have you ever been to one of those so-called PonyCons or My Little Pony conventions? It is highly likely when you come across people, especially men, who wear My Little Pony merchandise out in the open, you would probably not understand why they do so.

Well, this is because they are obsessed with the TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and if you were to watch the show yourself, then you might also develop a liking towards it. Here are the reasons why you should watch the show.

1. The Geeky References
This show is basically filled with references from various known TV and film series. One of the all time favorite references of the show is probably Dr. Hooves, a My Little Pony version of the Doctor Who, particularly the David Tennant version. Dr. Hooves appear in a number of occasions throughout the series.

2. The Fandom
You might not know that the Bronies and the Pegasisters are actually a vibrant group of cool people who are always there to support each other no matter what. Not to mention all the fun that they are having.

3. Modern
You might think that the MLP: Friendship is Magic is similar to the 80 My Little Pony, you are wrong. It’s very different from the original series at it was rebooted to fit a modern audience.

4. It’s Feminist
My Little Pony is feminist. The show is centered on female strength. The characters have broken stereotypes and they do not need the aid of men to save the day because they’ll be doing it themselves.


5. Rainbow Dash
The main character is probably one of the best representations of feminism, probably on par with Emma Watson. She basically does what she wants and gives it her all to achieve her dreams while remaining loyal and true to her friends. Add in also the fact that she is a lesbian icon.