Large Leaks Start From Pinhole Leaks

Usually, there are signs of leaks in the piping system that homeowners choose to overlook because it does not seem serious. Leaks on faucets, showerheads and toilets are minor but if left unattended, they can result into unnecessary wastage of water. Hidden leaks are very harmful and dangerous because they can result into hundreds or thousands worth of damages to the home.

Copper pipes are universally accepted for the plumbing system of both residential and commercial establishments because of its durability but they do not last forever. Copper pipes can last for 20 years and more but failure may occur within 2 years due to water chemistry.

Copper piping is widely used in North America for potable water distribution because it is corrosion resistant and cannot be permeated by any liquid or chemical that can result into contamination. There are no safety issues with copper pipes and factors that cause pitting problems are relatively unknown. Internal pitting corrosion of copper pipes is quite rare but when it occurs, it can result into costly problems.

Pinhole leaks on copper pipes can mean a significant damage to the pipes due to pitting corrosion. Pitting is largely associated with hard water or moderately hard waters with pH of between 7 and 7.8. Pitting can also result from soft water with pH that is below 7.2 and most likely to occur in cold water. Pitting can also result from a poor choice of pipe diameter. If the pipe is too small for water pressure and flow the protective outer layer can erode with high flow rates.

Homeowners have several options to correct pitting problems. Leaks can be fixed by applying an external solder on the section of the pipe that is leaking. If soldering cannot fix the issue, a better option is replacement of a large section of the pipe. The whole piping system can be also replaced with PVC pipes but it would be quite costly.

Richards Plumbing Services is prepared to provide the right solution when your pipes are leaking so that costly damages can be avoided. Do not disregard tiny leaks in your pipes because they are obvious signs of a bigger problem.