La Gomera – The Spectacular Jewel Of The Canary Islands

The island of La Gomera is your perfect destination when you want to experience calm waters and amazing beaches. Travel to La Gomera is relatively easy because you can always book online for a flight to Tenerife because several popular airlines fly to Sur Reina Sophia Airport. From the airport, it is easy enough to get into a ferryboat to the islands of La Gomera.

Walking is the best way to discover the beauty of La Gomera. There are professional guides who are rather passionate in providing information about the island’s history, culture and traditions. As you walk through the routes, you will appreciate the beauty of the natural landscape that run from one side of the island to the other. Your professional guide will point out features that will usually go unnoticed. They will also make sure that you comply with regulations to protect the island’s natural space.

Every time you travel, you increase the wealth of experiences and one of the experiences you should not miss when visiting the islands is its cuisine. The cuisine of every travel destination showcases its rich culture and traditions. The island’s culinary expertise is best reflected through almogrote which is a blend of cured cheese, pepper, oil and tomato. Almogrote is often served as an excellent appetizer with pan and potatoes.

If there is something you should not miss, it is La Gomera’s cheese that is made from raw goat’s milk that is sometimes combined with sheep’s milk. You have a wide range of choice from the mild tasting soft cheese to the strongly flavored cured cheese. Another popular dish that can whet the appetite is the Canary Island’s mojos. The most popular is the pepper mojo available in hot or mild flavors. Mojos are served with bread although it can also be eaten with a variety of other dishes.

In order to enjoy travel to the islands, the best option is to be properly informed through A Guide to La Gomera. It includes all the vital information on restaurants and shops, accommodations and important things to do in the island to make the most of your brief vacation.