How To Reduce Costs For Marquee Hire In Sydney

Marquee Hire in Sydney can spell a few hundreds of dollars up to a few thousands depending on its size, quality and where you are going to rent these lovely tents. Although they can be pricey, your special occasion will never be the same without these charming marquees. In order to have a breath taking event with a marquee without ruining your budget for the entire occasion, here are some ways in which you can reduce the costs.

Have some research

Avoid impulsive hiring. The trick is to shop around and ask for free estimates from different suppliers. This way, it becomes easier for you to compare prices and check what is included in the price. Do not fall for the cheapest item. Take a closer look at what the price includes because the tent rental may be the cheapest but you would still have to pay extra for delivery and the likes. In other words, be wary about the price and what you will get out of the amount.

Pick the right event date

One of the secrets to spending less for Marquee Hire in Sydney is choosing the right date to hold the event. If you are not celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or occasions with fixed dates, choose an off peak date such as during seasons with less national events or public holidays. This way, party rentals and related supplies are cheaper compared to peak seasons.

Book ahead

Companies collect higher fees when they need to squeeze you in or if they need to make special arrangements just to accommodate you. On the other hand, if you would book ahead like a month or two prior to the actual event, you can still ask for the lowest possible price that the company can offer. Find out also if the company offers discounts to early bookings. Another advantage of booking ahead is that you can be sure that you will get your preferred marquee and party supplies.  Last minute bookings and additions are also higher in price so provide a buffer when you do Marquee Hire in Sydney.