How To Design A K-12 Classroom

The norm in classroom design is the traditional setup wherein there are desks arranged in rows. These desks face forward to where the teacher or professor is. This is a good setup for lecturing method of teachings but this is not enough nowadays. This is due to the rise of other learning setup where the students are the centre and the teachers are only on the side-line guiding. One of the learning methods that are gaining popularity is the K-12 system. This is the reason why many schools have to look for school furniture suppliers in order to get new furniture that will adapt to the needs of the classroom.

According to Leslie Wilson who founded a non-profit institute, the recent learning methods demand varying approaches with regards to the design of the classrooms. The institution she founded promotes the use of technology in order to improve the current methods of instructions.

For schools planning to shift to the latest classroom designs such as the K-12, here are some things they should do in order to succeed.

  • It is recommended by Wilsons that school administrators should take time and visit other schools to see their classrooms. They can get ideas and realize that the possibilities are endless. You can create something if you have seen it in reality.
  • Do not talk among the teachers and staffs of the school alone. The most important inputs should come from the students. After all, they are the ones learning and they will be the same group who will use the classroom. This is when you know what will work for them as they have chosen it.
  • The design of the classroom you create should be determined by the end goal which is what you aim the students to accomplish while in the room. If you want kids to learn how to create art using technology, these tools should be available for them in the space you created.
  • Lastly, you can talk to your school furniture suppliers to see if they can incorporate power supplier or charging ports in the furniture they are making. This is essential for a classroom that works with technology.