How To Book Cheap Hotels

Aside from the airfare, one of the biggest costs that travellers spend on is their accommodation. Many people does not bother to find good deals thinking that it will be next to impossible and it will take up a lot of their time. The truth is that you can find a budget Sukhumvit hotel if you follow these tips:

  • It pays to have a flexible travel date. This way, you can plan your trip depending on the cost of the hotels during specific times. It is usual for hotel rates to change as often and as a traveller, you might find that booking for a weekday stay is cheaper compared to staying on a hotel during the weekend.
  • Use your mobile phone when booking a hotel room. There are companies that offer promotions to mobile users alone who are using their application. You can also download a hotel application that helps you compare hotel prices in a certain country or city.
  • Watch out for extras that are free of charge such as a complimentary breakfast, free cancellation or free WiFi connection at the hotel. In the end, you will be able to save even just a few bucks.
  • If you want to save money, choose the standard room because it is the cheapest of all room types.
  • Huge hotel chains are generally pricier because they are popular and they have a brand name. You can go for an independent hotel to save money because their rates are excellent and their services are more personal. In fact, you can save as much as 50 per cent compared to big hotel companies.
  • For frequent travellers, getting membership or loyalty card and staying at the same hotel chain can be beneficial. You can get discounts in your next booking or the hotel may offer you room upgrade for free.
  • Before finalizing your booking, make sure that you are seeing the total amount because some websites does not include taxes and other extra fees.
  • Lastly, you should book your budget Sukhumvit hotel at least a month before your travel date to make sure that you get the best deal.