Home, Sweet Home

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of home. Indeed, many people go to great lengths to ensure their home is in the best shape it can be; sparing absolutely no expense to make their home perfect.  I once heard of an Australian who sifted through dozens of house construction companies until he found the perfect ones to work on his home. He looked, with such zeal, through home decorators, etc. etc., even going so far as to personally visit one plastering contractor in Sydney just to be sure. He spared no expense, eschewed no effort, for that was his home he was building.

That’s all well and nice, but the thing is, I believe that fancy construction, magnificent decor, and excellent location, or whatever else people say makes for a good home. It isn’t those things. I believe what makes for a good home is one, simple question.  One, tiny question you could ask yourself right now.

“Does it FEEL like home?”

5 words, that’s all it takes. I’ve met people who’ve felt happy in a small apartment, I’ve met people sad in the same conditions. I’ve met people content in their large, three-story home, and, again, met people sad in the same conditions. Well, perhaps, not the same, but you get my point. Being at home, is about feeling at home. Being comfortable. Having that palpable sense that you belong there; that you fit perfectly and snugly.

All the fancy decor and great architecture isn’t going to help if you don’t feel right at home. Now, you may ask, what does make a home feel right? Honestly, I have no idea. For you, anyway. The answer is always different; people are different, after all. Unique. You might try to surround yourself with people you love, maybe it’s finding yourself in the middle of what you love. Maybe it’s getting away from the world that you want to feel at home. Who knows? Maybe you do. It can’t hurt to find out. Or maybe you’re already at home. In that case congratulations. We all deserve to find that place to call home.