Highly Rated Unique Gifts For A Baby Shower

Choosing a gift for a baby shower can be daunting not because you lack the budget but how to make the gift unique from others. It is not the price of the gift that counts but how to make it interesting enough to be treasured. The most common gifts during a baby shower includes baby blankets, diapers, new born clothing, crocheted booties and hats, bibs and nursery toys. Any gift will be appreciated by a new mom but the feeling is different when the gift is personalized.

Baby gifts are too common in the retail stores that the new mom eventually ends up with two dozens of baby blankets and a countless number of diapers and bibs if she doesn’t make a wish list. Sometimes, all that the new mom wishes for is a night light that radiates tranquil light for a more comfortable sleep. The baby will not outgrow the night light because it is an important element in a child’s bedroom.

The new mom will not tell you outright that she needs a pretty diaper bag. Do you know that there are diaper bags designed with a built-in baby carrier? An adjustable strap allows mom to carry the baby on either hip with all the necessities in the attached bag.

Diapers can be personalized by having them monogrammed but you can be creative in packaging the diapers. Since diapers come in different sizes, place each size on a homemade bag and arrange them neatly in a basket. The new mom will love you for your extra efforts.

Practical items can be appreciated if you present it in an artistic way. Bundle together little things that mom needs like fingernail scissors, nasal aspirator, travel size baby powder, wet wipes, baby shampoo and some extra bibs and arrange them in a gift basket.

There are many ways to personalize gifts from monograms to embroidered designs. If you do not have the time or inclination to create a unique gift, there are retailers that offer Personalized baby shower gifts that the new mom will adore and cherish for many years.