Having A Great Hotel Experience

One great hotelier, Anthony Melchiorri and the host of “Hotel Impossible” of Travel Channel, knows what it will make a hotel great and a horrible one. What will truly make a great hotel?

Foremost, what is a top hotel? A great hotel starts with having a great crew. This will include the people working in hotels, the ones who manage the hotel and the people who own the hotel. You can have great amenities and all the marble in the world plus a butler service, but if you have a very rude set of crew who do not take care of the customer’s needs you will not have anything.

What is the difference between five star, four star and three star hotels? According to the world renowned hotelier, five star hotels are no different from three star hotels. What you will be seeing behind the scenes in a world class five-star hotel or four star hotels is no different from how the crews work in three star hotels.

The first thing that guests will notice about a hotel is the reception staff of the lobby area. What will set the tone for their stay in the hotel is the look of the lobby as well as the greeting from the staff in the front desk. In order to guests to experience a great hotel stay, the lobby area and the rest of the hotel should be inviting and warm. The hotel should likewise smell fresh and clean the moment the guests walk in the front doors. It is also critical that the concierge and reception staff greet their guests warmly and make them feel that their hotel is their second home. Furthermore, the services should always be fast, efficient and friendly so as to ensure that the guests will have a pleasant stay.

The guest room is perhaps the most important element in a great stay at a Tel Aviv hotel or in any hotel. It should be kept clean and fresh and should likewise be neat and appealing. In order to ensure an outstanding experience in the hotel, the guest room should be well appointed with luxurious linens and modern furnishings as well as other needed tools and amenities.