Guidelines On The Proper Way To Pack A Shipping Box

If you are an online retailer, it follows that you want to ensure the product you are shipping will reach its destination in one piece. Do you know how disappointing it will be for a recipient to receive an order that was shattered to pieces during transport? It would be relatively easy to replace the product but the bad experience may lose your store a potential loyal customer.

Have you ever witnessed how shipping boxes are handled during transport? Shipping conditions can be rough and even if you place a label reminding everyone that the contents are fragile and should be handled with care, there is still that likely chance for the box to be dropped. In order to ensure that the product will remain safe throughout its journey to the customer, make sure to pack properly using the right packaging materials.

Regardless of whatever you are packing, make sure that all that all the basic shipping supplies are complete. Packing basics include the outer box, inner box, cushioning materials, packing tape and other sealing materials.

Corrugated boxes are frequently used as outer boxes because they are durable and sturdy enough to provide superior product protection. Besides that corrugated boxes are cost effective, light in weight and recyclable.

Some products like books and clothing do not require an inner box since they can easily be wrapped in plastic bubble sheets to protect them from moisture. However, if the product requires an inner box, make sure to use cushioning material that will prevent movement. All voids along the sides and corners of the box must be filled with loose fill peanuts or bubble sheets particularly when shipping breakables and delicate items. Never skimp on your packaging supplies because it will make the difference in your product reaching the customer safely or damaged while on its way.

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