Guide In Proper Care Of Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

One thing that is constant during the season of Christmas holiday is the traditions that people are used to doing. You have a lot of traditions during the holiday but there is one more that will surely make your Christmas more fun, the ugly Christmas sweater party. It entails a gathering of friends and members of the family to share food and drinks while donning their respective ugly holiday sweaters. The ugly Christmas sweaters are known for the over the top designs which features 3D objects and other crazy blings.

The sweaters will not only make the party fun but it can encourage party goers to have a good laugh. There are parties that give out prizes to those people with the ugliest sweater. Another thing which could make the party fun is to have a game of designing the ugliest Christmas sweater. After the fun is over, how do you care for your ugly Christmas sweater? If your sweater has delicate designs which are not suitable for hand washing then better send it for dry cleaning. If your sweater does not need the service of the dry cleaning company then here are some things you could do to properly care for your sweater:

  • The sweater should not be washed every after use unless it is smelly due to sweat, smoke or it acquired some stubborn stains. If not, wash it only after using for three to four times.
  • The sweater only requires hand washing using cold water and a small amount of gentle detergent. Put the sweater in the water ad just give it a swish. Let it soak for half an hour before rinsing it with cold water.

Remember not to twist the sweater but only to perform gentle squeezing to remove the water out of the clothing. Put it on top of a towel before rolling like a sleeping bag so that excess water will be absorbed. Then you may hang your Ugly Christmas Sweater on a rack and wait for it to dry.