Fitzhugh Decorators – How To Overcome The Challenge Of Decorating A Small Room

Decorating a small room is one of the challenges that I have to face. The walls look boring and the walls are bare. We have just moved to our new home and it is very important to decorate it in a way that reflects my personality. Good thing that I came know about Fitzhugh Decorators in Northampton who were than willing to give me a hand.

A room that measures 12 feet by 15 feet, storage can become the main issue. Thankfully, there is a great selection of beds with built-in storage underneath. Modern storage beds come in a wide range of designs from the very basic clean lines to chic upholstered options. Make sure though to choose a storage bed that has enough space for clothing, personal items and important accessories.
It is also important to coordinate the look of the room so that it doesn’t look cluttered and disorganized. There must be a common color scheme and style to make it look more cohesive. If too much color and patterns are used on a small room, it tends to look like crazy.
Experts share the following tips when designing a small room.
• Treat the bed as the centerpiece of the room. To create contrast, you can choose a comforter that closely resembles the color of the walls.
• Artwork personalizes a room. Do not go for mass-produced artwork as they are too common. You can easily have some of your favorite photographs enlarged so that they can be placed in beautiful frames. There are also interesting magazine pages that can be matted and framed to create a more unique wall décor.
• If the floor looks bare, make use of a rug. A rug also provides warmth when you step out of your bed in bare feet. Make sure though that the color of the rug compliments the color theme of your room.
• There might not be enough room for a sofa but you can buy one of those inexpensive side tables with matching chair that can placed beside the bed. This addresses the issues on where you are going to put your laptop, mobile gadgets and other electronic equipment.