Experience Japanese Cuisine In The Heart Of Thailand

Many tourists who visit Bangkok are there to try their local Thai food but what they do not know is that the city is actually home to a large community of Japanese people. Because of this, there are many restaurants and bars serving Japanese cuisine that are worth trying too. The largest Japanese community in the capital of Thailand can be found in Sukhumvit. This is also where a wide array of accommodations can be found including Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit which is famous for tourists and business travellers.

Of all the Asian countries, Thailand has the most Japanese population with authorities saying that there are around 50,000 Japanese in the kingdom. According to some estimates, their number is double that figure. In fact, one-fourth of the work permits approved by the Thai government is released to Japanese workers who are there on long-term passes.

The two nations are known to have a good relationship even before the Japanese conquered Thailand in World War II. During the 17th century, the royal palace which was then ruled by the Ayutthaya Kingdom hired samurai guards. This is even before modern Thailand came to be. Ever since, Japan and Thailand has been trading in good terms.

Modern Thailand is now home to some of the largest firms owned by Japanese corporations. Aside from offices, there is everything Japanese in the capital including karaoke bars, massage parlours, restaurants, supermarkets, drinking dens and even a Thai-Japanese school. The school is teaching 3,000 Japanese students and this is exclusive to Japanese nationals alone.One will find that there are apartment blocks in the city that accepts only Japanese people. Even the biggest shopping malls, Emporium and Paragon, have a special section for Japanese products.

As for restaurants, one of the most famous Omakase restaurants is located in Sukhumvit. This is called Sushi Juban at Soi 23. The area is close to Japanese tourists staying at Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit who wanted to give the place a try. There are also other options such as Isao located on SOi 33, Kisso on Soi 39, Ten-Sui on Soi 16 and Don Don on Soi 39.