Enjoying Thailand On A Budget

Thailand is a backpacker’s paradise because everything is cheap. You can eat delicious and nutritious food in the streets. A 3-course meal in a restaurant will cost you a few dollars. Entertainment is also affordable as long as you know where to find the best available activities. Thailand is also the Mecca for shopaholics and the best destination for tourists who want to enjoy a different adventure.

Enjoying Thailand without spending much

  1. There are hotel chains in Thailand that charge exorbitant prices for accommodations in exchange for excellent service and amenities but there are also low-end guest houses that can be literally found everywhere. The booming tourism industry of Thailand has encouraged many Thais to transform their homes into cheap accommodations. To think that for $12 a night in a fairly decent bungalow, you also enjoy free access to Wi-Fi.
  2. There are different transport options in Thailand from expensive taxis to the iconic tuk tuk. Even if your accommodations are in Bangkok, it is pretty easy to travel to the beaches through buses that cater to locals and tourists. A cheaper option is to rent a motorcycle to go around the city. If swimming and water sports are your reasons for visiting Thailand, find cheap accommodations along the beach to save on transport.
  3. Thai food is very popular all over the world. If you are not very picky, why not try street food? You can have a choice from pork or chicken skewered on sticks and cooked over charcoal or deep fried meat and shrimp balls paired with sweet and spicy sauce. Have you tried fresh coconut juice? It is the perfect pair to whatever street food you choose to appease your hunger. For a few dollars, you will enjoy a unique food adventure.

A wide range of unique activities in Thailand await every visitor. If you want to enjoy a close-up glimpse of the popular attractions in Thailand, rent a bicycle. Connect with locals who offer bicycles for rent so that you can go around the city cheaply. If you want entertainment, locals will suggest the best places to enjoy a myriad of activities.