Enjoy Game Rooms Better With Proper Lighting

For new homeowners and maybe including those who just got a spare room and wondering what to do with it, a game room might just be the best option. Of course, what you put in it comes first, but lighting is also a top priority because game nights can go all throughout the night. So it may be time to call that electrician in Morningside and set up your game room’s lighting right.


Game rooms should feel spacious enough to move around, and should have different corners, whichever you prefer. You can have a video game corner, a children’s corner, a poker table or pool table. These different areas also call for a proper lighting fixture to better enhance your gaming experience. As what lighting you may have for your video game corner won’t work for your pool table.


If you are going to have a children’s corner, safety would be a primary concern. Don’t use any glass or hanging lamps. Children can move a lot and scatter their toys around. So you just have to make sure the room is proper lit with a ceiling lamp, out from their reach.


A video game corner, when properly laid out, can also serve as a home theatre system. Since the TV screen is the main focus of this corner, it does not need any more competing light fixtures. You can just have dim lights set somewhere around the TV monitor, or even better; have your light fixtures configurable to control different levels of brightness.


For the adults or older players in the room, they’d be spending most of the time at the poker table or the pool table. Lighting in these areas should be bright but not strain the eyes. It is also best that the light source comes from above, or the ceiling and accented by wall lamps or standing corner lamps.


Eyestrain is a common problem when a room has bad lighting. Next is bad posture if you have to sit for long hours in an uncomfortable position because you have to adjust closer or father from the light. So in order for you and your family to enjoy the game room for long extended hours, have your electrician in Morningside install or check your lighting fixtures and make sure the different areas are properly lit accordingly.