Different Applications Of LED Strip Lights At Home

While we know of the advantages of LED strip lights over any other lighting system, you might be surprised at the various ways it can be installed in the home. It is not just like any lighting system but it can create a big change in a room. You will be able to deliver the right ambiance by choosing and installing the right LED strips. Here are some ideas on how to use LED strip lighting in your home.

  • If you have a baby at home, turning on the room light is not helpful but sometimes necessary especially if you don’t want to step into random toys and create noise that might wake the child up. If you have LED strip lighting installed that comes with a motion-sensor, their cribs will always have subtle lighting. This will allow the parents to move around the room without disturbing their sleep.
  • If you want to highlight your family portraits or a special painting in your home, LED strip lights can be used to illuminate it. There are many DIY projects online that can help you create the illuminated portrait for your home.
  • Instead of buying new furniture, you can always upgrade your coffee table by installing LED strip lights on it. It can also be done on your infinity mirror to give off a futuristic look. There are many ways wherein furniture can be transformed to look more modern.
  • Homes with open-riser stairs can easily be transformed with the help of the LED lights. This is also helpful when going up and down the stairs because the gap will be fully visible and illuminated.
  • Have you seen those Hollywood movies wherein actors get to have mirrors with light bulbs? You can recreate the idea at home using LED strip lights but the effect will be more subtle.
  • You may have seen luxury hotels and establishments with lighted couches. You can install LED strip lights under you couches too in order to get the same glowing effect.
  • LED strip lighting in Australia is now getting popular. It is time to jump on the bandwagon and install one outside your home. Holiday season is coming up and the LED strip lights will serve as your Christmas lights.