Costly Web Design Errors That Should Be Avoided

Today, it is not enough for an online retail store to have an attractive web design; it must be able to achieve the purpose for which it was made for – to earn money for the business. Getting those elusive conversions is the key to a successful web design. In order to maximize the potential of the website to generate income, it is important to avoid serious design mistakes.

It is important to consider user experience; in short, they have to find the information they are looking for the quickest and easiest way. After all, the target audience is the reason for building a website and it is their needs that should be the major concern. However, even the best web designers tend to commit a deadly mistake of crowding a website will all sorts of content. Any redundant information must be removed and only important content must be highlighted in the design. This should be the content that web users are looking for.

In most websites, pictures and videos dominate content but designers must never disregard the importance of text. Fonts should be readable and legible because many potential customers are trying to access the website through mobile. Complicated fonts maybe easy to read on the screens of PC’s and laptops and but they can be a challenge for those using mobile gadgets.

User friendly navigation is one of the reasons why some websites gain a lot of traffic. Navigation should effortlessly lead the visitor from the landing page to checkout to gain a conversion. There must be clear call-to-action buttons that will encourage the visitor to buy or subscribe.

Colors certainly make a website appealing but it should enhance the overall experience of the user. There must be a balance on the shades used for that added impact. In general, colors should make a statement while complementing with the overall theme of the website.

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