Combating The Wide Range Of Pests That Plague Sydney’s Residential Areas

When one talks about employing Sydney pest control services to clean up their house, they generally refer to the termite or ant infestation that might be causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. But what most people don’t know is that there are many types of pests that reside in Australian homes. The most common one that cause the most visible damage are the one shown in the above picture. Although termites and ants might be the most destructive to a house’s structure, the others pose health dangers.

Rats have forever been known to be pesky rodents capable to infiltrating homes and planting them with diseases. The most common diseases that rats transmit are rat fever and salmonella. They generally reside in holes in the backyards of houses, or might choose to live in the basements and attics. They will generally only be found in areas where human movement is rather low, and that is why they come up during the night to infest kitchens with their dirty paws. Another infamous disease transmitter is the common housefly. Houseflies generally like to sit on defecated faeces, regardless of which animal’s faeces it might be. These faeces are the nesting grounds of multiple types of bacteria and virus. After the houseflies pick up the diseases, they come and land on the food in our plates or in our kitchens instantly transmitting the diseases. For health reasons, it is highly beneficial to have Sydney pest control services eradicate them from the neighbourhood.

Finally, there are the class of annoying bugs like cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes and bed bugs. Cockroaches scurry around in the bathrooms and other less visited places in the house and to guests, serve to detriment the image of cleanliness of the house. That is why it is highly imperative to dispose of them immediately. Next, we have the fleas, which embed themselves on the skin of our pets. They make our pets itch and in the long run they cause hair loss to them. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and their bites, can sometimes cause rashes and itchiness. Bed bugs bites cause itchy welts after a certain period of time. These are very distracting and deter the health of the bitten human.