Cleaning Tips To Maintain Artificial Grass Looking Lush Green And Beautiful

Artificial lawn has become the most preferred option for home owners because of its high aesthetic value and durability. Most of the people prefer to get artificial lawn because it needs low maintenance and looks beautiful and lush green always. But cleaning is an important step to make the grass look green and to remove the accumulated dirt on the lawn.

These are some simple and routine steps I follow to keep my artificial grass clean and tidy.

  1. Inspect the lawn regularly for any dirt like fallen leaves, bird droppings, dust and pet poop. Clean the grass immediately if you find any debris.
  2. You can clean the debris using a leaf-rake with hard bristles, or use equipment like power blowers and vacuum cleaners to make the lawn dust free.
  3. It is natural for the blades to look dull in high traffic areas because of the natural wear and tear. Re-fluff the dull blades to increase the height and make the lawn looking fresh again.
  4. A regular cleaning with a hose, once or twice a month is necessary to remove the accumulated dirt and dust from the lawn.
  5. If you notice any mildew developing because of the humid conditions, use products containing vinegar to give a good rinse to the lawn.
  6. Artificial lawns do not have the chance of developing weeds. But you can see an occasional plant springing up from the sides of the lawn. Just have a regular check and pull out the weeds whenever you notice one.
  7. If there are any spills on the lawn, give a good rinse immediately. This helps to keep the bugs and infections at bay.
  8. The artificial lawn does not stain. You can clean a paint spill using a paint thinner and water.

Follow these simple tips and your artificial grass lawn will be beautiful forever. The lawn is very easy and simple to maintain. If you find the task too tedious, you can invest in the maintenance package offered by your supplier. They help you with regular maintenance schedule to maintain a lush and green looking lawn through the years.