Cheap Sources Of Reclaimed Wood

Wood tiles when used generously in the interiors provide a welcome ambiance that is often lacking in new constructions. If you want to provide the home with a sense of authenticity and character, the best option is reclaimed tiles in Sydney where a bit of history is preserved. Reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from original applications can be reused in a variety of projects.

The history, beauty and character of reclaimed timber shows through every split, nail hole and smoothened-over repair. If you are interested in reclaimed wood to be used for decorative purposes inside the home, you can take a drive to rural areas where there are old abandoned barns that can be seen from the roadside.

You can approach the property owner and ask whether you can deconstruct the barn. If you are lucky, you can walk away with gorgeous weathered beams and sidings that will look better once cleaned, oiled and finished with patina. Another option is to re-plane the beams and create a smooth glossy finish. However, be cautious when removing the beams because although they are dry and well-seasoned, they can be very heavy.

Another cheap or free source of reclaimed wood is shipping crates that are made from beech. There are companies that buy shipping crates in bulk and re-sell them to customers. However, make sure that the crates you choose are not treated with toxic chemicals. Estimate the quantity you need because it usually cheaper if you buy the crates all at once.

Salvage yards are the sources of some beautiful weathered pieces of lumber. Just be patient in looking for them because they might be hidden under piles of junk. Once you find the lumber check the quantity whether it is enough for your requirements. Refinish the wood with proper tools but hire professionals when to remove paint that contains lead.

Different projects can be created using reclaimed lumber. However, if you purpose is to improve the home or business environment, use reclaimed tiles in Sydney that have been lovingly and painstakingly crafted from old lumber. The tiles are fully tested and certified so that it can be installed safely in any part of the home.