How To Have The Best Wedding In Thailand

There are many reasons why Thailand is one of the top destinations when it comes to wedding events. Couples are attracted to the simplistic beauty of the country and its beautiful beaches. Aside from the blue sea, the weather is almost always good so it is best for outdoor weddings by the beach. There are many options to choose from when it comes to best Phuket wedding resorts. A single resort can offer a number of scenic locations where the couple can decide to have their wedding ceremony. They may also request different types of ceremonies such as one celebrated according to their religion inclination. They can choose to get married as the sun rises or during the majestic setting of the sun.

For a couple to have the best wedding in a foreign country, here are some expert tips they should keep in mind.

  • As you are going to get married in a foreign country, it would be best to hire a wedding planner that is based locally in Phuket. Before hiring, make sure to ask about reviews from previous clients. You can also ask friends and relatives who have hired a wedding planner in Thailand before.
  • For wedding ceremonies to be held by the beach, the brides are recommended to wear flat shoes or sandals that will complement their wedding gowns. High heeled shoes are discouraged as walking might be a challenge and could lead to unfortunate accidents. For the groom, open shoes are ideal – something that can be removed in an easy manner and require no socks.
  • The gown of the brides and the entourage should be suitable for the tropical weather of Thailand.
  • Formal jackets and ties are also discouraged for men. Instead, light linen clothes will complement the surrounding well.
  • A small sized wedding is ideal when planning to get married in a foreign country.
  • Keep in mind the weather in the best Phuket wedding resorts as you book your makeup artist. Your hair and makeup should be able to withstand the hot weather and the photographer should be able to adjust as well.

Tips From Professionals On How To Maximize Your Wedding Catering

One of the highest costs you will have to spend on for your wedding will be the food of the guests. The food is very important because it will not only make the event a success but eating with all the most special people in your life should be done with great tasting food. Choosing the best wedding catering in Sydney is important because you don’t want to be dancing on an empty stomach. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your wedding caterer as per the advice from experts.

  • Choose something seasonal. Great food is no doubt the main goal of having a wedding caterer but it would be best if you choose food that are in season. When foods are in season, it tastes better than any time of the year and they are available without worrying about the fact that ingredients could run out of stocks. Seasonal foods are also more affordable.
  • Creating a food budget is for the benefit of both parties – the wedding caterer and the couple to wed. The caterers will be able to decide on the menu faster if they know how much you are willing to spend. A good caterer knows how to work around the food budget they are given.
  • If you want your wedding to be a memorable one, picking a theme will make it more personal and intimate for you as a couple. With the theme in mind, the caterer should know about your theme so they can prepare a menu that will complement it.
  • Know how many guests are coming to the wedding. This is very important. You don’t have to come up with the exact number right away but an estimate should be good enough for the caterers. If you opt for a smaller wedding, you can spend more on luxurious food selections while large weddings are perfect for shared platters and buffet s
  • When sending out RSVP, guests should fill out any dietary requirement they have and the wedding catering in Sydney you have chosen should be able to cater to these requests. It is good to have options for your guests who are vegetarian or vegans.

Tips On Selecting A Marquee For The Wedding Party

Hiring a marquee is a good idea for an event because it can provide shelter for the guests in case it rains. Even if the event is held during summer, there are instances of unexpected rain showers. You certainly do not want your guests to get wet particularly if they are wearing their best party attires. Marquees are quite popular for weddings because there is lot of fresh air, sunlight and natural environment; a better alternative to being coped up in an event’s venue.

The very first step when planning a wedding is determining the right size of the marquee that will accommodate the guests, the furniture, décor and all the equipment associated with the event. It is very likely that you will want some dancing at your wedding which means hiring a spacious marquee to provide sufficient space for a dance floor and a band, in case you prefer their services to a wedding DJ.

It is also important to decide on the number of tables and their type whether you prefer round tables with a sitting capacity of 6 persons or long rectangular tables that will seat more guests. Take note that between the tables, there must be enough space for foot traffic.

You have to decide on the features of the marquee. For example, if the wedding will be held in a beautiful landscaped garden, opt for open marquees so that the guests will enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are also marquees with doors and windows which can be fully opened or partially closed.

Parking is very important during weddings. Ladies normally attend wearing dresses and high heeled shoes. They will not appreciate walking a few miles to reach the wedding marquee. Similarly, suppliers will be dropping off food, decor and equipment and they must be allowed to park as near the marquee as possible.

Your best option when preparing for a wedding event is Marquee Hire in Melbourne that has the resources and expertise to ensure that your wedding party is a big success. You do not have to concern yourself with other third-party wedding providers because they can take care of everything you need for the event.

10 Rules For Excellent Outdoor Weddings And Events

A wedding set outdoors is truly amazing. However, the planning process can get really stressful. So, I’m sharing some tips to help you with getting things to run smoothly

  1. Rules and permits

Prior to planning anything, check what rules and permits you’ll need. Getting married in a park may be a great idea. However, that park may be subject to many rules and regulations more than you think.


  2. Having guests feel comfortable

Guests’ comfort is an utmost priority. So, make sure that the venue has fans, heating units for outdoors, well-lit walkways to bathrooms, citronella candles and refreshing drinks.

  3. BYOB

It is best to find an outdoor space which allows bringing of your own alcohol, since this is a great way to cut the budget.

  4. Prepare for the weather

should have weather appropriate accessories such as scarves, gloves and umbrellas.



  5. Cover up

You need to make sure that you have a cover up or a nice jacket in case it will get cold during the wedding ceremony or reception.

  6. Photography

You should talk to your wedding photographer regarding the sun and its position during the ceremony in order for you to plan the seating arrangements properly. You will not like it if you’ll just realize during the wedding day that you’ll be squinting to the sun or hidden in shadows.



  7. Wind-proof decorations

Make sure that all your wedding decorations are wind-proof or that they can withstand a strong breeze.

  8. Audio visual

Make sure that everyone can hear you. While it depends on how busy or open a space is, you may have to hire people to set up the audio equipment.

  9. All ages

Keep all your guests in mind, regardless of age. If there is a lot of walking involved, inform them through your invite or on your website.

  10. Look for an expert

If you are not an expert in weddings, look for a venue which holds outdoor weddings often. When they do a lot of these weddings, they will have advice regarding the best practices and will also have every detail covered.



If you want to have a stress-free wedding planning, it is always helpful to also ask for help from a wedding coordinator or a Party Hire in Perth.

Congratulations and good luck on your wedding!



The Advantages Of Having Your Wedding In Koh Samui

For couples who are planning to have their wedding in Koh Samui, there are some things you should know before we get into the advantages of holding your big day on the island. The first thing you should keep in mind is that the island is a tropical one and there is a big chance that it might rain. If you are open to the possibility then all you can do is to pick a month that it is less likely to rain. The next thing you should know is that there is no such thing as private beach wedding in the island. The beaches in Koh Samui are all open to the public. There are secluded ones and beaches that are not on the map but these are still not private beaches. There is a big possibility that there might be other people on the beach watching or even videotaping the event.

Advantages of a Koh Samui wedding

There are many villas in the island that will be able to accommodate you and your guests during the wedding. There are many options to choose from and you could chose the ones that are more private than the others to make sure there will be not a lot of people watching during the ceremony unless the crowd is fine with you.

One of the best advantages of having your wedding in a villa or resort is that you could book accommodations a few days before and after the wedding. This will serve as a family time and a bonding experience for the whole family before you start a family of your own. If you are aiming for a small wedding then this is the best option for you because resorts and villas will most likely not charge you anything if the number of guests meets the normal occupancy rate of the place. This does not mean that you have to invite a lot of guests because there are Koh Samui wedding resorts and villas only houses a dozen or two at a time for more privacy.

The Challenges Of Choosing Transport For A Wedding Party

If you are planning to hire wedding limousines in Perth, there are so many things that you need to take into account. When my sister requested for a stretch limo so that she can impress her wedding guests, I had the responsibility of searching for the most ideal limo that she will love. Hiring a limo may be extravagant but it makes sense because a wedding is usually one of the most important moments of one’s life.

Like all the other aspects of a wedding, everything must complement the wedding theme. The choice of transport also has something to do with taste. You can opt for a horse-drawn carriage or a red stretch limo with interiors that resemble a party venue. Although there are lots of options, it is also important to think of the budget because the wedding is already expensive enough.

However, hiring a limo can be more cost effective than two or three standard cars for hire. Although it is not the responsibility of the bride and groom to provide transport for the wedding party, it is common to help them out when they do not have cars. Stretch limos can accommodate at least 12 people comfortably and you are assured that will be relaxed and on time for the wedding.

When booking a limo, it is important to do so months in advance because limos have high demand. White limos are particularly popular for weddings even if they cost more to hire than black limos. It is also very difficult to book a limo during peak wedding season and the months of May and June because these are the months when schools have their prom nights. Not only is the demand higher than supply but prices wedding limos packages tend to be more expensive.

There are certainly ways to reduce the transport costs. If you are really bent on hiring a limo, opt for the regular sized limos instead of stretch limos. Since white limos are more expensive to hire, why not try the black limos. Anyway, there is no difference in the interiors because they come complete with luxurious features and amenities.