The Different Types Of Men’s Suits

A suit is either a two or a three-piece outfit that includes a jacket and pants of a similar fabric, often times accompanied by a waistcoat.

The different men’s suits


A single-breasted jacket contains a single set of buttons and holes that do not overlap. It can either be two- or three-buttoned. The one-buttoned is usually for dinner jackets.

A single-breasted jacket can be accompanied by a waistcoat, a waist length garment that has no collar or sleeves. A waistcoat can be of similar fabric as the suit.

This is for a more casual look in comparison to double-breasted.


Double-breasted has overlapping front flaps. Traditionally, this has no flaps found at its back. It usually includes four or six buttons.

This is usually worn by taller men to exude that elegant look. It is more conservative and is a neatly tailored item.

Dinner suit

A dinner suit is a black tie suit. This generally has dark colours and has a traditional fit. As of late, many prefer slim fit.

Lounge suit

A lounge suit is a formal suit great as an ordinary day wardrobe. This is meant for a day work, and its fit is very comfortable. This can be completed with a tie or without. The most preferred colours are light to medium shades. Lately, the linen suits became a big draw for this type.

Business suit

A business suit has a formal cut, sharp fits and sober colours. This is different from a lounge suit since this is more formal and conservative.

Mandarin suit

A Mandarin suit has a band collar and is mostly worn with the entire buttons on. This is cut very near the body to get that lean and sharp look. This is elegant during evenings out.


A tuxedo is ultra-formal and is an ultimate suit. It can be styled for ceremonial wear. This is usually worn by the stars in Hollywood during red carpet events in that traditional black colour.


There are numerous types of suits for men, and this can be very overwhelming. However, help from the best Bangkok tailor or from one in your area can lessen this feeling. They can recommend the best suits for you in any particular event or gathering.














There are numerous types of suits for men, and this can be very overwhelming. However, help from the best Bangkok tailor or from one in your area can lessen this feeling. They can recommend the best suits for you in any particular event or gathering.

7 Easy Steps To Finding A Wedding Photographer

Weddings are an important milestone that you would need to document. Remember, you can only get married a few times so it is important that you have a photograph to look back to 50 years into the marriage. However, unlike the food, music, and the themes that you can hear, taste and see, you may only be able to see the outcome of the photos after the event.

Finding a great photographer is necessary. You should conduct a careful research on wedding photographers. Take note of their style, professionalism and reputation.

If you are having trouble finding a photographer to capture the moments of your upcoming wedding, here are 7 easy steps that you can take.

  1. Choose a style. Know that each photographer may specialize in many different styles so before you go on hunting for photographers, you should first decide on the photography style that you prefer. You can either choose from portraiture, documentary, fine art, and edgy-bold.
  2. Conduct a research. You can try to look at local listings or get referrals from recent brides. When you come by a potential photographer, make sure to review his/her profile, websites, blogs and most especially, his portfolio. Also, do not forget to visit his social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Set up interviews. It is important that you get to know the photographer in person too. If you find that their fees are acceptable and their sample works are commendable, why not give them a call and see if you can meet up?
  4. View full wedding albums. Of course, it is only natural that a photographer would give considerable focus on his/her portfolio and sample works but in order to truly measure a photographers skill, you can ask to view a full wedding album that he had photographed.
  5. Use a skeptical eye. When reviewing this album, it is important that you have a sharp and skeptical eye. Remember, this is your wedding and there is no room for error.
  6. Consider the personality. It would be great to find a photographer that matches your personality.
  7. Compare packages. Photographers offer different packages. Choose one that can benefit you and your budget the most when looking for a Thailand wedding photographer.

Costly Web Design Errors That Should Be Avoided

Today, it is not enough for an online retail store to have an attractive web design; it must be able to achieve the purpose for which it was made for – to earn money for the business. Getting those elusive conversions is the key to a successful web design. In order to maximize the potential of the website to generate income, it is important to avoid serious design mistakes.

It is important to consider user experience; in short, they have to find the information they are looking for the quickest and easiest way. After all, the target audience is the reason for building a website and it is their needs that should be the major concern. However, even the best web designers tend to commit a deadly mistake of crowding a website will all sorts of content. Any redundant information must be removed and only important content must be highlighted in the design. This should be the content that web users are looking for.

In most websites, pictures and videos dominate content but designers must never disregard the importance of text. Fonts should be readable and legible because many potential customers are trying to access the website through mobile. Complicated fonts maybe easy to read on the screens of PC’s and laptops and but they can be a challenge for those using mobile gadgets.

User friendly navigation is one of the reasons why some websites gain a lot of traffic. Navigation should effortlessly lead the visitor from the landing page to checkout to gain a conversion. There must be clear call-to-action buttons that will encourage the visitor to buy or subscribe.

Colors certainly make a website appealing but it should enhance the overall experience of the user. There must be a balance on the shades used for that added impact. In general, colors should make a statement while complementing with the overall theme of the website.

You can get in touch with for some of the best designs that will put your brand in front of your target audience in the shortest time possible. Your website will be custom-designed so that all your requirements can be fulfilled.

How Ecommerce Works


With more and more people surfing the internet, more Perth web designers are borne every day.

Ecommerce revolutionized the way people transacted business. Business can now be transacted online while its business model is similar to the physical retail that has been used for centuries. Ecommerce does both successfully. In fact, it operates digitally and at the same time introduces unique business elements.

How Ecommerce works

You need to sell a product in exchange for a certain value. In the ecommerce era, you can reach an easy sale for new categories of goods. One good example to this is the selling of digital goods like e-books, music and software. Likewise, the boom of ecommerce enables transactions to be deployed much easier in a variety of goods like magazine subscriptions and air tickets.

A mechanism to accept orders

When the customer browses through your ecommerce website and has already decided on what to buy, he will be ushered to a process that will accept his order. The software that is used to carry out this process is termed as the shopping cart.

Aside from taking note on what the client will be purchasing and updating the database of orders, the shopping cart also does the several tasks:

  • computation of taxes and other charges
  • processing of coupons and other forms of discounts
  • capturing the billing process and the delivery address of the client
  • ensure that customer accepts terms of service and several other conditions of the transaction
  • creation of various codes like order number, invoice number and tracking number
  • presenting clients with options for delivering the purchased items and adding corresponding charges
  • forwarding clients to the payment system
  • in case of digital goods which are downloadable, customers who have paid are redirected to the download page

Payment mechanism

There are ecommerce websites that provides credit for goods purchased. This is especially true in business to business space. In most cases, a transaction in ecommerce will involve the exchange of money and goods. This process will be conducted by a software call the payment gateway. The payment gateway will present customers with different payment options.

How To Take Good Pictures At Night

It is said that light is a photographer’s best friend. Some photographers don’t take chances doing photo shoots at night without knowing that the night could offer something different to the photos. All it takes is practice and the proper tools in order to properly work around the dark. You’ll be surprised at how fun it is to shoot at night and how beautiful the photos are.

If you really want to capture the beauty of the dark, try taking photographs 15 minutes before the sun rises and 15 minutes before the sun sets. There is something beautiful going about the sky during these times and it is something worth taking photograph of.

To make sure that you will be able to take good photos, you will need the right tools and equipment for the job. Here are the most basic things you will need in taking photos in the dark:

– Tripod. A tripod is essential during long exposures to prevent the camera from shaking. It is also ideal when taking photos at a certain angle. If you find yourself shooting in the dark without a tripod, make your own. Just find a stable surface where you can position your camera. Invest on a stable yet lightweight tripod so you can carry it wherever you go.

– Cable Release. To make sure that your camera stays still during long exposures, using a cable release is the best option so you won’t shake it when triggering the shutter.

– Wide Lens. Wide lenses are best use when focusing in the dark. It also gives the image incredible sharpness.

– Flashlight. You may think a flashlight as silly but it is important when you are going around in the dark so you won’t trip on anything. It can also be used as a light to help you set your focus.

– External Flash. External flash which is triggered manually is important in illuminating darker areas. Keeping it on Manual Mode will enable you to adjust the lighting as necessary.

After making sure that you’ve got your entire equipment ready, the next thing you need is to know more about your camera

– the focus, settings and exposure. For beginners it is best to try and shoot in the dark and don’t be afraid to experiment. Test different aperture, check out various shutter speed and see the differences every time you adjust something.

Here are some tips you should follow:

– Turn manual mode ON

Turning the manual exposure mode on your camera settings will give you the control to adjust things such as the aperture and the shutter speed. This will also allow you to make adjustments as the light changes.

– Set your aperture and shutter speed

When shooting at night, you need to calculate the right exposure. You will not get it right at the first try but the more you shoot at night, the more you will know about the right settings.