Tutorial In Transferring Pictures Into A Canvas

A canvas is not only used for paintings alone but it can also be a great medium where photographs can be showed off. The process of transferring your favorite picture into a canvas is quite easy and would be ideal even for people who have no talent in making crafts. No fancy material is required in order to accomplish this simple task.

There are two ways to go about it, the rustic transfer (for black and white or sepia images) and the clean transfer (colored images). Let us learn how to do the rustic transfer. All you need is a blank canvas, a paintbrush, acrylic gel medium and a water spray. Next you have to print your black and white or sepia photograph with a laser printer. Do not use an ink-jet printer because the result will not be the same. It is ideal for the photo and canvas size to be the same but not required. Remember that the image will have to be reversed when transferring into the canvas so reverse it before printing if you like its present arrangement.

Take the gel medium and cover the surface of the canvas with a thick coat. Place the image into the canvas with the printed side down. Press and spread out evenly to flatten. Use your water spray to wet the back of the photograph while scraping it slowly in order to see the image. Once all the paper have been stripped from the canvas, apply another coat of gel medium as a finishing touch before letting it dry overnight. It is now ready to be displayed.

For clean transfer of colored images, you will need a blank canvas, sealer glue, iron and fine tissue paper. The tissue paper should be the same size as the canvas, iron it to remove any creases and print the photograph on the tissue paper. It might take a few tries but the result will be rewarding. Cover the surface of the canvas with sealer glue and place the printed tissue paper over it. Remove any creases with the help of a foam brush add another layer of the sealer glue if necessary before leaving it to dry. If you want professionally made photos on canvas, contact companies in your area that provides canvas print services.

7 Easy Steps To Finding A Wedding Photographer

Weddings are an important milestone that you would need to document. Remember, you can only get married a few times so it is important that you have a photograph to look back to 50 years into the marriage. However, unlike the food, music, and the themes that you can hear, taste and see, you may only be able to see the outcome of the photos after the event.

Finding a great photographer is necessary. You should conduct a careful research on wedding photographers. Take note of their style, professionalism and reputation.

If you are having trouble finding a photographer to capture the moments of your upcoming wedding, here are 7 easy steps that you can take.

  1. Choose a style. Know that each photographer may specialize in many different styles so before you go on hunting for photographers, you should first decide on the photography style that you prefer. You can either choose from portraiture, documentary, fine art, and edgy-bold.
  2. Conduct a research. You can try to look at local listings or get referrals from recent brides. When you come by a potential photographer, make sure to review his/her profile, websites, blogs and most especially, his portfolio. Also, do not forget to visit his social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Set up interviews. It is important that you get to know the photographer in person too. If you find that their fees are acceptable and their sample works are commendable, why not give them a call and see if you can meet up?
  4. View full wedding albums. Of course, it is only natural that a photographer would give considerable focus on his/her portfolio and sample works but in order to truly measure a photographers skill, you can ask to view a full wedding album that he had photographed.
  5. Use a skeptical eye. When reviewing this album, it is important that you have a sharp and skeptical eye. Remember, this is your wedding and there is no room for error.
  6. Consider the personality. It would be great to find a photographer that matches your personality.
  7. Compare packages. Photographers offer different packages. Choose one that can benefit you and your budget the most when looking for a Thailand wedding photographer.

Tips To Having A Successful Photography Blog

Capturing a moment and taking random pictures excites a lot of people. You cannot help but click on your camera when you see a breath taking view, post the picture on your blog site and caption it with alluring phrases. Photography blogging has become a booming niche in the blogging world. Whether you are an expert photographer or an amateur, you can always take pictures as long as you have the necessary equipments. But of course, you do not intend to be stagnant in what you do, you will always love to explore windows of opportunities to grow and hone your talent.

Here are some tips for you to be successful in creating that photography blog.

• Know your audience

Before you even develop your blog site and start clicking the camera for photos, you must first choose your target audience. Are you creating that photography blog for your colleagues and friends? Is it for your family? Or is it for business entrepreneurs? Having a clear audience in mind allows you to think creatively of the pictures that you will be shooting. Likewise, the content of your blog site will follow the topic that your readers will most certainly be excited to read.

• Content should be convincing and original

As a photographer it is your pride to take original pictures from different locations. Authenticity is important. When you start writing the content of your blog site, it is equally important that you have catchy and informative content.

If you are business minded, you might also want to convince people to avail of your photography services. Use powerful, convincing content. Sell yourself.

• Try to be consistent

In your photo shoots, you must have a common theme. This is so that people will immediately associate you to certain type photography.

For example, if you are a business man; you need to find your comfortable niche in the industry. If you choose printing shirts then you ask yourself what designs you will be printing and then it becomes your trademark. Just like TV Store Online, they sell shirts with printed movie characters on it.

Photography works in the same manner. Create a trademark for yourself. Customers will better remember you for it.