A Different Kind Of Adventure In The Atlas Mountains

This photograph of Azzadem Valley from the Tizi Mzik Pass does not give justice to the magnificent and gorgeous view of the place. We passed through Tizi Mzik Pass on our way to the Sahara Desert. Azzadem Valley is a spectacular counterpart of Ourika Valley and the neighboring Imlil Valley that attracts hordes of mountain trekkers. The valley looks quiet and serene but just as magnificent as some of the well known destinations in Morocco.

The trek to the Atlas Mountains is available all year round. Prices are quoted per person depending on whether you want to sleep in a simple Berber guesthouse or go camping. Camping is a better option for the months of June to October because the weather is simply ideal to enjoy the great outdoors. If you prefer camping to a comfortable bed, make sure to bring some warm clothes and a flashlight. Tents and sleeping bags can be rented or it can be a part of the tour package. Porters will only be too willing to carry the bulk of your bags and equipment so that you will enjoy the scenic views and typical Berber villages along the way without being encumbered by heavy backpacks.

In Azzadem, we stayed in a trekking lodge for a brief stopover. It was a peaceful hideaway that we reached after trekking through an 18 kilometer dirt road. The lodge was so special because it gave us the chance to rest our tired bodies and gain comfort in a warm bed. We have been so used to creature comforts that we often take for granted the value of a comfortable bed. While camping can be a great experience, I had enough of it after two days in a row.
Trekking mountains means foregoing some of the comforts in life that we have been so used to. However, the beauty and serenity of the place was all worth the challenge.

Berber villagesIt was indeed a great adventure as we saw the Berber villages up close. The locals in the village were friendly and welcoming. You can feel their sincerity even if we were complete strangers.