The Challenging Path To Knighthood During The Medieval Times

Every romantic dreamer would love to be part of the medieval times where chivalrous acts were a common conduct. The medieval period is unique and so special in that it is often commemorated in today’s movies and television series. The bravery of knights and the unique structures during that era would never be forgotten and has reserved a space of commemoration in every medieval fan’s heart. If you want to experience an escape to the 15th or 16th century, you can visit places like Scotland and enjoy seeing the remnants of castles that were built centuries ago. To add comfort to your classic medieval experience, you can stay in a cottage that’s luxury self catering in Scotland.

Medieval knights

During the Medieval period, the feudal system dominated the land with the role of medieval knights and servants clearly defined. When one mentions of the medieval times, the thought that overtakes the mind of people is usually the medieval knights and their damsels in distress. The knights follow the Code of Chivalry. It was their solemn duty to pledge their allegiance to their liege Lord and serve and fight for him. If you delve deep into the history during those times, you will find out that it was a very violent period. Weapon practice included skills in using battle axes, maces, lances, daggers and two-handed swords. During a medieval warfare, the knights are expected to guard their liege Lord’s castle and support his master at any cost.

Knighthood and knights

In order to be knighted and earn the status of a knight, it was a very long and arduous process. The candidate needs to prove himself and earn the trust and confidence of his master. Knighthood was not just given because you are a son of a noble or influential person in society. The road to becoming a knight was not easy; you face different set of tasks and challenges. It starts with training as a page and then you eventually become a squire or an esquire. The sons of Nobles excluding those who were to tasked to take the Holy Orders, were placed under the tutelage of the Noble Lords on the land.