Restaurant Recommendations In Sukhumvit

With Sukhumvit being a bustling tourist destination, there’s a lot of things to visit, see and enjoy. Between hotels and shopping centres, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Once you’re done taking in the sights, you can head for your 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit to relax, but let’s not forget one key aspect of taking a vacation: good food.

Thankfully, Sukhumvit’s not lacking on that front, with a lot of restaurants flanking the shopping centres and hotels, many options aren’t far from a good 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit. Now, you might be thinking, that that feels somewhat overwhelming; where do you go for good eating? Well, that’s what this list is for. Now, let’s be honest, this isn’t a be-all, end-all list; don’t be afraid to look for new options, and always keep an open mind. Part of the fun of travelling is trying out new things, after all.

Bo.Lan (24 Sukhumvit Soi 52, near Thong Lor BTS Station Exit 1)

  • Known for being one of the best Thai cuisine restaurant in the capital, Bo.Lan offers local cuisine amidst beautiful design and a small garden. For those who want programmes for their meals, the restaurant offers meal sets called “Bo Lan Balance”, which is comprised of a range of starters, soups, curries, plus desserts.

Freebird Restaurant Bangkok (28 Sukhumvit Soi 47, between Phomr Phong and Thonglor)

  • Part of the new group of restaurants in the Thai capital with a focus on connoisseur cuisine in a casual environment. The Freebird specializes in Modern Australian and Pacific high-class cuisine, presented in a funky welcoming restaurant., born from the combined vision of Designer Alan Barr, Sarnies’ Ben Lee, Prime Society’s Dallas Cuddy and The Tippling Club’s Marcus Boyle.

Soul Food (56/10 Sukhumvit Soi Thonglor)

  • Run by an American, Soul Food Mahanakorn offers traditional Thai cuisine in a quaint restaurant, with wood-lined furnishing. Located five minutes from the BTS, the restaurant uses fresh local produce to create classic Thai foods that taste like the best iterations of the country’s street food.

Enoteca (39 Sukhumvit Soi 27)

  • Located at the end of a narrow street, Enoteca Italiana is considered as one of the most successful Italian restaurants in the capital. A popular destination, with a full shop daily, the restaurant’s eclectic collection of antique advertising signs line the walls, a lovely sight while enjoying the restaurant’s Italian dishes, like pigeon liver pate, roasted snow fish with N’duja chilli, and tenderloin of venison with artichoke, among others.

How About Some Japanese Cuisine In Bangkok?

Are you ready to fill in your hungry stomach? Do you want to suit your taste buds around an aromatic and exotic ambiance? Perhaps a Bangkok restaurant is what’s on your mind for a great dining style. You may be dining in a dinner cruise, an antique teak house, or probably fascinated in food markets while shopping the night away. The unimaginable foodstuff in Bangkok is prepared by professional chefs that will perfectly suit your savoury mouth. Don’t forget to try Japanese cuisine in Bangkok where locals and travellers love to eat.

Setting Off a Flavourful Journey

Ranging from exotic rainforest garden eateries, sidewalk stalls, colourful gardens, riverside restaurants and lakeside gazebos, dining areas in Bangkok are all over the entire city with penetrating aromas of a thousand delicious fragrances. With a wide array of amazing meals, travellers can enjoy delectable green chicken curry with spicy shrimp soup and Jasmine rice. For craving mouths with an amazing variety of cuisines, they can try the Tom Yum Goong, Som Tum, Pad Thai, which are signature dishes. They can also try the sticky rice with mango or a spicy papaya salad with Thai Kanom and crispy vegetables. They may also prefer Japanese cuisine in Bangkok, which is one of a kind.

Those aspiring to be chefs one day can explore the difference of Thai cuisine and settle for cooking lessons to learn how to make authentic Thai cuisines. They can also see the traditional Bangkok Dinner Show that comes with Thai dancing. Travellers can enjoy a gastronomy from Bangkok’s renowned food courts and savoury varieties of vegan delights. Thai food is indeed colourful and well designed with vegetable and fruit carvings used to garnish the cuisines. Aside from Thai cuisines, you may want Japanese cuisine in Bangkok prepared by world-renowned chefs.

Savour the Impressive Cuisines of Bangkok

Because you’re wanting to have the most marvellous and memorable holiday, be booked in a hotel that provides travellers all the luxury, comfort and convenience at the heart of Bangkok. This will be easier for you to move around the city and find the best Thai and Japanese cuisine in Bangkok that will suit your taste buds. You want to make memories here, so make an unforgettable vacation by starting out in their hotels and restaurants.

The Bigger Issue Of Exterminating Pests In Food Establishments

Businesses have to face a lot of issues from competing with other businesses to taking care of disgruntled customers. However, one issue that can be considered as extremely serious is pest infestation. Serious problems can be caused by cockroach or rodent infestation that violates health and sanitary regulations. Local governments are rather strict when it comes to violations of sanitary and health standards particularly for food establishments.

In today’s digital age, it is very easy for a business to lose its customers when one of them decides to post an image of a rodent running around a food establishment on social media. Within a day, the image of the rodent will be shared and commented on. Soon, local media armed with cameras will be showing up to make a big issue with the pest. The food establishment loses its brand image because customers will think that the food served is contaminated.

Businesses must never cut corners when it comes to pest control. There are some businesses that are tempted to use DIY techniques that are cheaper instead of hiring professional pest exterminators. Experts do not use pesticides and chemicals because they are hazardous to health as well as the environment. There are safe pest control products that can be used for an effective and efficient treatment. However, even natural products have to be used cautiously.

Prevention is easier and cheaper than pest eradication. It would be very difficult and expensive to get rid of cockroaches and rodents once they have made a home in the establishment. If entry is prevented, pests will never get the chance to damage the business’ reputation or create costly damages. Rodents can cause irreparable damage to property. The damages caused will more expensive than the costs of professional pest control.

Before carrying an extermination program, commercial pest control in Sydney will perform a thorough inspection of the business establishment to have a better understanding of the extent of infestation. A detailed inspection report will be provided and a possible solution discussed. Afterwards, a treatment package will be designed specifically to ensure that it is suitable to the premises.

Best Korean Foods In Bangkok

Visiting Bangkok will not only open your palate to local Thai dishes but there are also other cuisines worth trying such as Korean dishes. Guests staying at a hotel near Korean town will be able to try popular Korean dishes. Here is a list of Korean dishes you can find in Bangkok.

  • Gogigui. This is the famous Korean barbecue with the meat sliced into small bites once cooked. The most ordered cut is galbi or short rib because of the fillet style done. It can be eaten as is, with a dip or wrapped with lettuce. It can be found in Korean restaurants all over Bangkok but Jang Won in SukhumvitSoi is the most sought after.
  • Jjigae. This is the Korean version of a Western stew composed of seafood or meat and vegetables prepared using seasoned broth. Kimchi jjigae is the most famous version. It is usually served in stone pot and best eaten while steaming hot. This can be ordered at Kimchi Hour located in Soi Ari Samphan.
  • Samgyetang. This is basically a chicken soup with ginseng and common during summer season because of its reenergizing effect. The soup alone is flavour-filled and contains various nutrients. It can be ordered at Myeong Ga located in SukhumvitSoi.
  • Bingsu. This dish is made from shaved ice with mango or melon fruit as t This is a popular dessert in Bangkok and featured many times in Instagram posts. Additional toppings are available such as flavored syrups and azuki beans. This is available at Seobinggo at Siam Square Soi.
  • Japchae. A staple food in Korea and composed of noodles, beef, sesame oil and various vegetables – all stir fried. Visit Korean Spoon at Crystal Design Center to try this classic.
  • Gimbap. This is similar to the rolled sushi introduced by the Japanese. It is made of steamed rice and various ingredients such as pickled radish, carrot and spinach. This is rolled using seaweed sheets before cutting into bite size pieces. You can try this at The Bibimbab located at Siam Paragon.

Travelers who are hoping to experience authentic Korean dishes should book a hotel near Korean town because it is where different Korean restaurants are located.

Different Methods Used In Hair Extension

Out of all the salon services, hair extensions are considered to be the most fancy. Many do not realize the beauty of hair extensions as it can make a hair longer, thicker and have highlights without applying any chemicals. Ladies who are planning to have hair extensions in Bondi should have knowledge of the different methods used. There are a lot to choose from and knowing one from the other can make the choosing process a bit easier.

Strand by strand.

Extensions, a lock of 20 to 30 pieces of hair,are attached to small pieces of hair using glue bond and application method can be either warm or cold. Majority of the companies that have strand by strand services make use of the keratin bond method.

  • Keratin bond/Hot fusion. A heating element is used to connect the hair extensions using silicone which is responsible for protecting your real hair. The bond is connected near the roots of the so the natural hair can move as freely.
  • Cold Fusion/Micro-links. This is done by attaching hair extensions that comes with a lock and closed down using a special tool. Copper cylinders are used by huge companies and silicone is the protecting agent.

Weft Hair Extensions

Unlike the strand by strand method, this uses a weft of hair that measures between 2 and 4 inches in width. The weft extensions can be attached with the help of glue, tape, sewn or braided.

  • Tape-in. This is the most recent method in the hair extension market. It makes use of double or single sided tape made of polyurethane. If double sided tape is used, the natural hair is sandwiched between two wefts of hair extensions. If the client has super thin hair, the use of single sided tape is recommended.
  • Glue-in. This method is used if the extensions are only attached for a short time. It will last for several days and can be taken off using a solvent that is oil-based.
  • Sew-in/Braided. This is more popularly known as weave and recommended for clients with thick or curly hair. The natural hair is braided first before the extensions are sewn in with the help of thread and needle.

For clients wanting to have hair extensions in Bondi, make sure to talk with a hair expert if you are not sure of what method to choose.

Benefits Of Eating At Best Restaurants In Sukhumvit

When you are traveling with your beloved family to any given international destination, there are many things which you need to prepare for ahead of time especially if you are traveling to a destination which you are visiting for the very first time. You have conduct tons of research work regarding the things to do when you’re in that city such as the places to visit, the best hotel to stay in during the entire vacation period, among others. Now, one of the most important things you, as a practical traveller, need to plan for beforehand is the amount of money that you are going to spend once you land at the international airport of that specific country that you are visiting. In fact, you are already spending a big amount of money even before you take off from your home country when you booked for a plane ticket to that said destination. And upon arriving at your chosen hotel, let’s say a hotel in the beautiful city of Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand, the next thing that you will need to worry about is where you and your companions are going to eat. Fortunately, when you are in Bangkok, you can opt to dine in at one of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit District where most of the big restaurants of the city are lined up.

Now, there are benefits that can be enjoyed by families or group friends who prefer to eat at one of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit and in other major tourist spots in the world and below are some of them:

  • One of the most useful benefits of dining in at fine restaurants is the absence of unnecessary distractions such as noisy sounds of the TV which can distract kids, noisy pets, among other things. These distractions can take away precious bonding moments that you are having with your family while enjoy a delicious meals. At restaurants, you can do both: bond with your family and enjoy a satisfying meal.
  • Eating at a fine restaurant is a perfect opportunity for your kids to learn social skills and practice appropriate table manners.

Thai Cuisine As A Complimentary Combination Of Different Tastes

Thai food is known all over the world whether it is the chilli-hot or the bland dishes that are meant to be satisfying. Thai cuisine is essentially a combination of centuries-old European and Western influences to create a characteristically unique Thai food. The taste however will depend on who cooks the food, for what occasion it is cooked and whether it is cooked to suit different palates.

Because of its Buddhist culture, the Thais avoid the use of big chunks of meat. Meat is shredded into small pieces and laced with herbs and spices. Traditional ways of cooking Thai food include grilling, baking and stewing as well as deep-frying and stir-frying which is influenced by Chinese cooking. From the 17th century onwards, chilli was introduced to Thailand by the Portuguese missionaries who acquired a taste for the spice while serving South America.

Thais are very adept at substitute cooking where they use a different ingredient for a recipe. For example, in an Indian recipe that requires ghee, coconut oil or milk is used as substitute for the dairy product. If the pure spices are too overpowering, they are substituted with fresh herbs like lemon grass or galangal to enhance the flavour. You might be surprised but actually less spice is used in Thai curries. Instead, the chefs use more fresh herbs. Thai curries can burn intensely but it is only for a short period unlike other curries where they use stronger spices that will make your mouth suffer longer.

Instead of serving several courses one after the other, the Thai meal is served all at once. The chefs believe the guests have to enjoy complimentary combinations of different tastes. Usually, the Thai meal consists of soup, a curry with different condiments, dish with various dips and vegetables. The guest has the option to request a toned down version of the meal so that it will not be too spicy.

Your best option to taste authentic Thai cuisine is Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit that is located in the 39th floor of a hotel. While dining, you get to enjoy the amazing view of the fabulous cityscape. The traditional street food that is very popular to foreign guests is elevated to new heights.