Choose The Best 5 Star Resort In Phuket For A Memorable Vacation

The best place to stay while vacationing in Phuket is the beautiful resort by Sofitel in Patong beach. The Thai village style resort offers the best amenities and pampers the guests like royalty. The world class amenities combined with a warm Thai hospitality makes this resort my favourite place to stay in Phuket.

The six different room and suites in the exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket are spacious and offer stunning views of the magnificent Sea and the Green rainforest. The rooms in rich Earth tones offer a perfect sanctuary to unwind and relax after a tiring day of site seeing. Choose from the different room categories to suit your preferences and style. The rooms are suitable for families, honeymooning couples and big groups. All the rooms are equipped with the modern in-room amenities like king size beds, air conditioning, smart televisions, private balconies, refrigerator, mini-bar, writing desk, safety locker etc.

The luxurious and exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket is located on a beautiful hilltop and is located away from the chaos and touristy attractions. The resort has an exceptional location and is designed like a flowing stream from the mountain. The resort is tucked in the lush green rain forest and offers the best views of the Sea and the forest. The location of the hotel makes it exclusive and the preferred place for a pleasant holiday for people who want to spend a quiet and relaxing vacation.

The world class amenities provided at the hotel are a major attraction. The exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket boasts of three salt water swimming pools at different levels. Enjoy picturesque views from the infinity pool or have a quick dip to relax and enjoy the service at the poolside bars. The resort also has a spa that offers a range of massage therapies that relax, rejuvenate and revitalizes the body. For fitness freaks, the well-equipped fitness centre with mesmerising views of the forest is a heaven. The roof top bar is a perfect place for socializing while enjoying the signature cocktails prepared by expert mixologists.

Avail the attractive discounts and promotion offers of the exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket and enjoy top notch hospitality and the best luxuries at unbelievable prices. Enjoy your vacation in the lap of nature and spend a memorable time in Phuket and take home pleasant memories.

Tips For Promoting Your Bar’s Happy Hour

Happy Hours are a big draw for people who want to cut loose and relax. Workers that have finished their workday, travellers looking something to water their travel experience down, among others. The hours where Happy Hour is available is precious time, great at drawing in hungry and thirsty customers looking to cut back and relax with a drink, or two.Or five. This means that, for bars, Happy Hours are a big deal, which means that promoting their Happy Hour is equally important.

So regardless of where you are, whether you’re looking to work on happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit or London, here are some tips to bring in people.

  • The basics.
    • Make sure your bar has clear and visible signs that tells people you have happy hour. This is the most basic step when doing happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit or anywhere else, but it’s still worth taking note. If someone comes in after Happy Hour, tell them they can still catch it the following day. Also, give customers bounceback coupons for a deal should they come back for another round and they’ll be more inclined to come back for seconds.
  • Add me.
    • Social media is, of course, a great tool for generating leads and bringing in customers. Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, that sort of thing. These can bring in people for minimal cost; all you need to update regularly. Another thing worth noting is that employees tend to spend a lot of their time reading through their social media feeds close to the end of the workday. This is when they’re easiest to reach.
  • Happy Hour is a group effort.
    • Most Happy Hours aren’t done with lone people; they’re usually with a big group of friends or coworkers, so take advantage of that fact, and offer special deals and discounts for large groups of people. These sort of deals will attract people to your happy hour specials in short order.
  • Have something special planned.
    • Cheap foods and drinks are great and all, but special events and menu offerings can work wonders for livening up your happy hour. Offer people karaoke, live performances, and even trivia, paired alongside special “happy-hour only” meals and drinks to draw people in. Both make for something special and distinct to pull people in to your happy hour.

Choosing Between Corflute And Vinyl

Corflute and vinyl signs are two of the more premium materials that signage companies in Sydney stand by as effective materials for delivering a clear, and attention-grabbing advertising message. Both of these materials are known for great printing quality and great durability. However, they are designed for different purposes, for different projects and conditions.

If you’re choosing between one or the other, it’s important to take note of the important questions for your signage; the why, where, when, and how. Here are some tips to help you decide between the two, so when you come to get a sign from one of the many signage companies in Sydney, you know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • It’s under construction.
    • For construction projects, with the need for hard hat and safety, should have vinyl signage in it. Vinyl signage is attached with wooden panel hoardings, which makes them very durable and sturdy, fitting for the environment of a construction site. If you’re looking to make them work in the vicinity of a construction area, make sure they’re aesthetically notable in order to take attention away from the construction site.
  • How’s the weather?
    • If you’re advertising outdoors, weather is a very important thing to consider. This should really go without saying. Vinyl is good for this, for the similar reasons they’re good for construction . UV stabilization is part of the vinyl sign making process, which means they last longer under the heat of the sun. Additionally, vinyl holds up better against moisture due to being waterproof, and can work well against fast winds if they’re big enough. Corflute, meanwhile is good for shorter projects, as they’re also waterproof and durable, but due to light weight and lack of UV stabilization, don’t fare well against high winds and UV exposure.
  • Outdoor or indoor?
    • Corflute and vinyl are on equal terms when it comes to indoor vs. outdoor, for the most part. However, corflute is quite good for indoor use. This because it’s good for smaller signage, like direction, safety and menus, since corflute is versatile enough to be placed, generally everywhere reasonable. Meanwhile, vinyl is better for larger scale signage needs, making them good for grabbing attention and concealing areas.

Tips For Buying Vintage Bar Stools Online

Anything can now be sold online. In fact, there has been a significant increase in the number of sellers who are now switching methods doing business from the conventional person-to-person interaction between buyer and seller to the revolutionary method that involves the proper use of the social media as the sellers’ way to reach out to potential buyers and sell whatever products that they’re selling. In addition to this, more people are now finding it harder to do business via the social media due to the convenience that comes with and the obvious fact that it’s way easier to reach out to potential new buyers than desperately trying to start a nice conversation with because like it or not, they will just ignore you. Using the various social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram is an ideal way to reach new buyers because if you have a well-managed and an interesting Facebook account for example, you can easily lure new buyers into “liking” your page and in most cases, you won’t need to do anything because if you are selling awesome products such as bar stools online, your page will receive more “likes” and referrals from our loyal clients.

Now, when you are the one who is in need to buy bar stools online or in an actual store, there are tips that you should be heeding as a responsible bar owner who only wants the best value for their money especially if you want a set of vintage bar stools for the vintage setting of your bar. Below are some helpful tips for buying vintage bar stools:

  • One of the things a bar owner should about bar stools is that they should be placed properly to ensure longevity of the quality of the stools themselves. In choosing the vintage bar stools, it’s recommended that you choose a set of stools that has a brightly coloured fabric seats which are suited furthermore exposure fades colours and eventually, protect them from damages of being exposed to the sunlight.
  • Vintage bar stools come in different styles. For starters, you can choose a set of wooden stools that have padded seats covered in either floral or checkered fabric. Or, you can also opt for chrome stools which have plastic or vinyl padded cover for a more retro feel. The choice is yours. You just need to make sure that the stools will also blend well with the style of the bar itself.