Blogging As Vital Marketing Strategy

The internet is fast becoming a main source of information for everyone in the planet. We now prefer searching for things we want or need online instead of checking newspapers, catalogs or directories.


Apparently, the internet is a useful marketing tool to promote different businesses, with its powerful reach and the multiple ways to do so. When businesses do not utilize the internet, they fall short on getting to customers and making their products or services known especially since almost everyone is on the internet.

Lately, I noticed that many businesses don’t have an online presence. An example that comes to mind is an insurance provider. Sure, many insurance providers have websites. However, that is still not enough to attract potential clients. I believe it’s safe to say that most of us want to be engaged by a business or a brand.

The solution: blogging. There are a lot of people that make purchases or go with specific services just based from what they read in a blog post. Likewise, many people trust information posted on blogs.


If you are an insurance provider, read on to know why blogging is an important insurance marketing strategy.

Blogs give shareable content on social media

Having different social media accounts have already become a vital part of any marketing strategy. Blogs not only provide original and appropriate content for your social media platforms, but it drives traffic to your website too.

Blogs humanize a business

Your clients usually hear you talk about your insurance services in a persuasive and professional manner. A blog is an opportunity for them to know you better. This is a space where you can share behind-the-scenes look to your company, share opinions and have fun. If you’re not convinced, Quick Sprout conducted a survey and found out that after reading a company’s blog posts, 60% of the consumers felt positive about them. Sixty-one percent also made purchases just by reading a blog post.

Blogs give industry credibility

Not only do blogs give a more human voice, these also position you as an expert. When you have well-written and consistent blog posts, your company becomes a credible source of information. They will go to you for up-to-date information.


So, do these reasons motivate you enough to start blogging? Include blogging as an insurance marketing strategy now.