Best Korean Foods In Bangkok

Visiting Bangkok will not only open your palate to local Thai dishes but there are also other cuisines worth trying such as Korean dishes. Guests staying at a hotel near Korean town will be able to try popular Korean dishes. Here is a list of Korean dishes you can find in Bangkok.

  • Gogigui. This is the famous Korean barbecue with the meat sliced into small bites once cooked. The most ordered cut is galbi or short rib because of the fillet style done. It can be eaten as is, with a dip or wrapped with lettuce. It can be found in Korean restaurants all over Bangkok but Jang Won in SukhumvitSoi is the most sought after.
  • Jjigae. This is the Korean version of a Western stew composed of seafood or meat and vegetables prepared using seasoned broth. Kimchi jjigae is the most famous version. It is usually served in stone pot and best eaten while steaming hot. This can be ordered at Kimchi Hour located in Soi Ari Samphan.
  • Samgyetang. This is basically a chicken soup with ginseng and common during summer season because of its reenergizing effect. The soup alone is flavour-filled and contains various nutrients. It can be ordered at Myeong Ga located in SukhumvitSoi.
  • Bingsu. This dish is made from shaved ice with mango or melon fruit as t This is a popular dessert in Bangkok and featured many times in Instagram posts. Additional toppings are available such as flavored syrups and azuki beans. This is available at Seobinggo at Siam Square Soi.
  • Japchae. A staple food in Korea and composed of noodles, beef, sesame oil and various vegetables – all stir fried. Visit Korean Spoon at Crystal Design Center to try this classic.
  • Gimbap. This is similar to the rolled sushi introduced by the Japanese. It is made of steamed rice and various ingredients such as pickled radish, carrot and spinach. This is rolled using seaweed sheets before cutting into bite size pieces. You can try this at The Bibimbab located at Siam Paragon.

Travelers who are hoping to experience authentic Korean dishes should book a hotel near Korean town because it is where different Korean restaurants are located.