Benefits Of Eating At Best Restaurants In Sukhumvit

When you are traveling with your beloved family to any given international destination, there are many things which you need to prepare for ahead of time especially if you are traveling to a destination which you are visiting for the very first time. You have conduct tons of research work regarding the things to do when you’re in that city such as the places to visit, the best hotel to stay in during the entire vacation period, among others. Now, one of the most important things you, as a practical traveller, need to plan for beforehand is the amount of money that you are going to spend once you land at the international airport of that specific country that you are visiting. In fact, you are already spending a big amount of money even before you take off from your home country when you booked for a plane ticket to that said destination. And upon arriving at your chosen hotel, let’s say a hotel in the beautiful city of Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand, the next thing that you will need to worry about is where you and your companions are going to eat. Fortunately, when you are in Bangkok, you can opt to dine in at one of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit District where most of the big restaurants of the city are lined up.

Now, there are benefits that can be enjoyed by families or group friends who prefer to eat at one of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit and in other major tourist spots in the world and below are some of them:

  • One of the most useful benefits of dining in at fine restaurants is the absence of unnecessary distractions such as noisy sounds of the TV which can distract kids, noisy pets, among other things. These distractions can take away precious bonding moments that you are having with your family while enjoy a delicious meals. At restaurants, you can do both: bond with your family and enjoy a satisfying meal.
  • Eating at a fine restaurant is a perfect opportunity for your kids to learn social skills and practice appropriate table manners.

Thai Cuisine As A Complimentary Combination Of Different Tastes

Thai food is known all over the world whether it is the chilli-hot or the bland dishes that are meant to be satisfying. Thai cuisine is essentially a combination of centuries-old European and Western influences to create a characteristically unique Thai food. The taste however will depend on who cooks the food, for what occasion it is cooked and whether it is cooked to suit different palates.

Because of its Buddhist culture, the Thais avoid the use of big chunks of meat. Meat is shredded into small pieces and laced with herbs and spices. Traditional ways of cooking Thai food include grilling, baking and stewing as well as deep-frying and stir-frying which is influenced by Chinese cooking. From the 17th century onwards, chilli was introduced to Thailand by the Portuguese missionaries who acquired a taste for the spice while serving South America.

Thais are very adept at substitute cooking where they use a different ingredient for a recipe. For example, in an Indian recipe that requires ghee, coconut oil or milk is used as substitute for the dairy product. If the pure spices are too overpowering, they are substituted with fresh herbs like lemon grass or galangal to enhance the flavour. You might be surprised but actually less spice is used in Thai curries. Instead, the chefs use more fresh herbs. Thai curries can burn intensely but it is only for a short period unlike other curries where they use stronger spices that will make your mouth suffer longer.

Instead of serving several courses one after the other, the Thai meal is served all at once. The chefs believe the guests have to enjoy complimentary combinations of different tastes. Usually, the Thai meal consists of soup, a curry with different condiments, dish with various dips and vegetables. The guest has the option to request a toned down version of the meal so that it will not be too spicy.

Your best option to taste authentic Thai cuisine is Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit that is located in the 39th floor of a hotel. While dining, you get to enjoy the amazing view of the fabulous cityscape. The traditional street food that is very popular to foreign guests is elevated to new heights.

In Hotel Lingo, Large Does Not Automatically Mean Luxurious

There are literally thousands of accommodations in Bangkok if you will add all the hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and hostels. It is very difficult to choose because everything is luxurious, comfortable and affordable. When you narrow down the choices, you can choose which best suit your requirements. Is it the most luxurious hotel, the most romantic or the one that offers the most amenities?

A large hotel does not automatically make it the best; it needs to have a unique charm with a romantic setting perfect for couples. The hotel room must include all the modern conveniences that will ensure a favorable and pleasant stay. Aside from elegant furnishings and décor, a lush garden usually surrounds the hotel with a lovely swimming pool and spa service. However, one of its best advantages is the proximity to public transportation so that exploring the city will be easy and efficient.

Meanwhile, there are hotels that only offer suites and not standard rooms. For those who plan to stay longer in Bangkok, the best choice is a spacious suite with real luxury. Aside from space, guests require cleanliness, comfort and homeliness including complementary Wi-Fi. The hotel must also offer a fitness center and an outdoor pool in a picturesque setting.

Some hotels have a different definition of luxury. Luxury means the high level of service extended to guests. They have the awards to prove the excellent service and many world famous names that experienced their hospitality.

In Thailand, a luxury hotel with amazing service can be affordable for standards guests. They differ from other hotels because of the nice touches like airport pickup service or complimentary ferry service to explore the river in style and comfort. The hotel boasts of a world-class restaurant that is manned by a world-renowned chef. The fabulous entertainment center is enough to put the hotel in the list of the best places to stay in Bangkok.

In Thailand, your best option is luxury residence in Bangkok that delivers the best in comfort and convenience. You can easily feel the luxury from the stylish lobby that sets the tone for your stay. The lounge allows the guest a 180-degree view of Lumpini Parkand the city’s skyline.

Create Canvas Artwork Using Spray Paint

Moving to a new house or apartment means living in bare walls for quite a while until you have settled down completely. Artworks are not cheap either so you can’t just go into a store and buy one to hang in your living room. Do not despair though as you can do a project at home that will not cost much and will be customized to your preference. This personalised artwork will feature your favorite quote or a song lyric that catches your heart.

To start the project, you will need a canvas. If you don’t have one, you can buy cheap ones at your local thrift store or a craft store near you. Pick out different sizes if you are going to make a few. You will also need painter’s tape which will be used to create letters for your quote or lyrics. Spray paint is also needed and you can buy the colors you want your artwork to be. You will also need a craft knife but if you don’t have one then you can make use of other alternatives such as scissors. Lastly, you will need a pencil. Since you will be spray painting, it is recommended to have a mask as well to avoid inhaling the strong smell of paint.

First you will need to make the letters with a computer program and print it out. The quotes can have more than one typeface and the letters could be varying in sizes. Depending on what looks good to you. Once you have the letters, you cut them out and arrange on the canvas. Arranging can take a while as you decide the best look. Layer the painter’s tape and trace the letters. Secure them to the canvas.

Once you have decided on the final layout, bring out your spray paint and cover the entire canvas including the letters. You just have to wait until the paint dries in order to see the final result.

Once the paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape and you will see your personalised artwork in its final form. It is now ready to be hanged in your new house.

Benefits Of Health Therapies In Phuket

Phuket, an island located in the Kingdom of Thailand, is basically a beach island which is a home to some of Thailand’s treasured beach resorts that some only get to see these resorts either on TV or in the pages of travel magazines. Phuket is in fact, one of Thailand’s crown jewels when it comes to tourism primarily because Phuket has been one of the famous islands not just in the Asia Pacific Region but in the entire world and that’s the reason why the tourism industry has been booming in the kingdom because there has been an increase in the number of international tourists who are arriving in Thailand during the first half of 2017 alone. And majority of these tourists have been flocking to Phuket to either enjoy the beauty of the island’s awesome shoreline or, visit one of the spa centres where they can undergo health therapies in Phuket. You see, there are other things which vacationists can do while they are on vacation in Phuket. For one, visiting spa centres has been one of the emerging trends when taking a vacation in an overseas destination because it allows people to avail spa treatments which can help them regain their full physical and mental strength.

Nowadays, spa centres are being flocked by vacationists who want to undergo health therapies in Phuket and in other tourist destinations because of the health benefits that they will get and below are just some of the said benefits:

  • Since majority of the workers today are desk workers who are glued to their seats during majority of the working days, health problems may develop when people are seated during a long period of time. Undergoing spa treatments will counteract all of the sitting that you do on daily basis, relieving you any sort of pain that you are enduring in your lower back among other problems.
  • Spa treatments are also helpful in easing off any kind of body pain that you are experiencing at the moment. Treatments such as massage therapies increase and eventually, improve the blood circulation around your body. In fact, a study has proven that massage therapy is effective as a treatment to chronic neck pain.

How To Have The Best Wedding In Thailand

There are many reasons why Thailand is one of the top destinations when it comes to wedding events. Couples are attracted to the simplistic beauty of the country and its beautiful beaches. Aside from the blue sea, the weather is almost always good so it is best for outdoor weddings by the beach. There are many options to choose from when it comes to best Phuket wedding resorts. A single resort can offer a number of scenic locations where the couple can decide to have their wedding ceremony. They may also request different types of ceremonies such as one celebrated according to their religion inclination. They can choose to get married as the sun rises or during the majestic setting of the sun.

For a couple to have the best wedding in a foreign country, here are some expert tips they should keep in mind.

  • As you are going to get married in a foreign country, it would be best to hire a wedding planner that is based locally in Phuket. Before hiring, make sure to ask about reviews from previous clients. You can also ask friends and relatives who have hired a wedding planner in Thailand before.
  • For wedding ceremonies to be held by the beach, the brides are recommended to wear flat shoes or sandals that will complement their wedding gowns. High heeled shoes are discouraged as walking might be a challenge and could lead to unfortunate accidents. For the groom, open shoes are ideal – something that can be removed in an easy manner and require no socks.
  • The gown of the brides and the entourage should be suitable for the tropical weather of Thailand.
  • Formal jackets and ties are also discouraged for men. Instead, light linen clothes will complement the surrounding well.
  • A small sized wedding is ideal when planning to get married in a foreign country.
  • Keep in mind the weather in the best Phuket wedding resorts as you book your makeup artist. Your hair and makeup should be able to withstand the hot weather and the photographer should be able to adjust as well.

Tips From Professionals On How To Maximize Your Wedding Catering

One of the highest costs you will have to spend on for your wedding will be the food of the guests. The food is very important because it will not only make the event a success but eating with all the most special people in your life should be done with great tasting food. Choosing the best wedding catering in Sydney is important because you don’t want to be dancing on an empty stomach. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your wedding caterer as per the advice from experts.

  • Choose something seasonal. Great food is no doubt the main goal of having a wedding caterer but it would be best if you choose food that are in season. When foods are in season, it tastes better than any time of the year and they are available without worrying about the fact that ingredients could run out of stocks. Seasonal foods are also more affordable.
  • Creating a food budget is for the benefit of both parties – the wedding caterer and the couple to wed. The caterers will be able to decide on the menu faster if they know how much you are willing to spend. A good caterer knows how to work around the food budget they are given.
  • If you want your wedding to be a memorable one, picking a theme will make it more personal and intimate for you as a couple. With the theme in mind, the caterer should know about your theme so they can prepare a menu that will complement it.
  • Know how many guests are coming to the wedding. This is very important. You don’t have to come up with the exact number right away but an estimate should be good enough for the caterers. If you opt for a smaller wedding, you can spend more on luxurious food selections while large weddings are perfect for shared platters and buffet s
  • When sending out RSVP, guests should fill out any dietary requirement they have and the wedding catering in Sydney you have chosen should be able to cater to these requests. It is good to have options for your guests who are vegetarian or vegans.

Illustrated Map Making Tips And Tricks

If you are a beginner in making illustrated maps, here is the best place to find tips and tricks on how to make your first creation a good one. Remember that these are just guides and you should let your imagination flow as it is.

  • When deciding on the colors you are going to use for your illustrated map, it is recommended to start with a monument or a symbol that best represents the town. For example if you are going to create a map of San Francisco then the center of the attention will be drawn towards the Golden Gate Bridge because it is a famous landmark. It is best to start with the color of the bridge and create the palette based on it.
  • When it comes to the map’s composition, it is acceptable to play with the geography of the city you are depicting. The good thing about illustrated maps is that it is not important that establishments and landmarks should be in their exact position. You can play with your design such as changing the scale of things or altering the shapes of some buildings.
  • The main goal of a map is to convey information thus the reader should be able to understand it with ease. The graphic elements should complement one another and it is best to use only a limited color palette and typefaces should be a maximum of two to avoid confusion and chaos within the map.

If you are going to use repetitive symbols within your illustrated map such as trees and buildings then it is best to create these set of symbol ahead of time and save it. This will make things easier as you just copy and paste things and your work will be done faster.

  • When starting out creating illustrated maps, you might be pressured to represent each of the landmarks and buildings as they are in real life but it does not have to be. Only emphasize the important parts of the map and you can skip the rest. The good thing about these maps is that you can play with the scale and everything does not have to be geographically accurate.

Three Techniques On How To Get Insurance Leads

Insurance leads are usually created by a variety of techniques depending on the person you talk to. Basing on experience with the business, most agents who get their first 100 prospects are probably those they know very well. But the problem lies when all family and friends have gotten insurance coverage, and they know no one who is willing to buy insurance. Like most businesses, you can start by generating leads. How to get insurance leads will depend on the techniques you use to have your business work.

  • Telemarketing through Cold Calls

This will require more work when you get names and try to call them. The names and phone numbers you get can be generated from telephone directories, newspapers, chamber lists, club lists, and more. This manner of generating leads from a list of people may be considered unqualified. All you need to do is introduce your product and convince them that insurance is a product that they need.

  • Setting Up Appointments with Company Officers

You may want to attract company officers by sitting down with them for lunch or dinner. It’s a good time to start your insurance business by introducing to them how much their company needs insurance for protection. This can make or break your business. If they have considered your proposition, you can then get a huge number of people wanting to avail a coverage. Otherwise, you can search for the next Manager that gets interested with your business and it’s actually how to get insurance leads.

  • Getting Referrals

Once you close a deal with your prospect, ask them for referrals on those interested to get insurance. The referred lead will likely get interested in your product as they know a family or friend has recommended them to you. You can do this to every lead you speak with. And considering the number of referrals you get from them, then you can possibly generate leads for insurance coverage. It’s also a great thing to increase sales and stay in business.

I hope the techniques mentioned above will help you generate leads for insurance coverage. It is one way on how to get insurance leads for the business. It’s also what you call prospecting.

Why Some People Are Very Passionate About Motorcycle Racing

Moto Guzzi is known for its significant role in Italy’s motorcycling industry as well as the motorcycle racing world. The Moto Guzzi 8 was designed specifically for the Moto Guzzi Grand Prix racing team for the 1955 and 1957 seasons. Meanwhile the Moto Guzzi California was designed specifically for luxury and comfort without sacrificing performance.

For the enthusiasts of motorcycle racing, nothing beats the excitement of a competition. It is a far cry from the thrill, the team orders and the radio conversations in a Formula One race. Motorcycle riders are a unique type of athletes who would risk life and limb to become a champion. The rider and the bike must work in perfect harmony like poetry in motion. In most instances, the race becomes a battle of sheer grit and wits, of determination and bravery to ride at a speed 210mph.

If you have experienced watching a motorcycle race, it is very likely that you have notice the efforts the riders invest particularly when the bikes are leaned over so far that elbows have to drag on the track. This is the reason why bike riders are worshipped the world over because their sport is something that only the brave can do.

The motorbikes used in races are usually prototype machines that push the boundaries of what is achievable. The races serve as an opportunity for motorcycle manufacturers to show their muscle and the kind of technology used to create the fastest form of 2-wheeled vehicle. Motorcycle races attract the best riders the world over in order to gain fame and fortune in the racing world. While others compete for the first time, there are riders who return because they want to regain the championship.

Most of the motorcycles look normal but underneath, they are different. Some are manufactured for the purpose of dominating the race and make them a household name.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a luxury bike that is unequalled in terms of style, comfort, performance and reliability, there is Moto Guzzi California for sale in UK. The California touring is a representation of the company’s culture and ability to built motorcycles with the dynamic performance of a powerful cruiser.

How To Save Money On Office Cleaning Services In Sydney

Hiring office cleaners can be costly if you will not observe some money-saving tips for the service. You will also spend more if you would only get office cleaning services in Sydney once in every year. The dirt and dust can accumulate giving cleaning service providers a harder and longer time to finish the task. Therefore, it would be best to do regular cleaning by your utility staff and also to hire cleaning specialist on a regular basis. To lower the costs of the service, here are some suggested ideas:

Use heavy duty floor mats

Placing high quality floor mats on your doorstep is a simple yet effective way to reduce the need to extensively clean your floors and your entire business establishment. Place heavy duty floor mat at your establishment’s entry and exit points to prevent or minimize mud, soil, dirt and other particles on your flooring.

Remove office clutters

To minimize the need to call for office cleaning services in Sydney, remove unnecessary or obsolete office equipment in your establishment. This may include books, ledgers, filing cabinets and stacks of papers that are no longer needed as they can easily collect dust. You may consider upgrading or replacing obsolete office equipment and furniture with dust-proof ones and you can also store your records and important documents electronically or online. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your business premises by your in-house utility staff will also reduce the need for heavy cleaning.

Organize your workplace

Another way to avoid heavy cleaning is to organize your business centre. Place trash bins in strategic areas to encourage customers and your employees to be more circumspect with their garbage disposal. When people notice that your office is clean, they will be more careful not to spill drinks on your carpets or soil your floor mats. You may also opt not to allow food and drinks in your premises.

Ask for cost estimates

If you have already decided to call for office cleaning services in Sydney, request for cost estimates to determine how much you are going to spend for the service.

How To Prepare For A Scheduled Carpet Cleaning In Perth

Hiring professionals for carpet cleaning in Perth doesn’t mean you won’t have to do anything until the task is done. To make the job execution faster and more effective, it would be best to do some preparation for the carpet cleaning schedule. Here are some tips.

  • Provide an easy access into your house for the carpet cleaners. Your garage can be a suitable entry into your house so you might want to keep the driveway or garage free. For the meantime, park your car outside your house while the carpet cleaners are working in your house.
  • Allow the carpet cleaners to do their job freely. Take away items or things that could obstruct or slow down their work. Remove magazine stands, tables, small furniture and appliances, indoor plants, children’s toys and similar items. Move these items to a separate room while the professionals for carpet cleaning in Perth are working on specific areas in your house.
  • Consult the carpet cleaners before the schedule. Find out if you need to move heavy furniture before the schedule or would they be the ones to move the furniture. If so, find out if there is an additional charge for the extra service and how much would it be. Read the terms and conditions of the carpet cleaning company before the actual schedule. Make sure that all the tasks are indicated in the contract since there are carpet cleaners who would refuse to move heavy objects when it is not indicated in the contact.
  • Move breakable items such as large vases, frames, chinaware and other valuable or collectible itemsto another room prior to the carpet cleaning schedule. When you clear the area, you make the job performance faster and this would be beneficial to you if the carpet cleaning is charged by the hour.
  • If you have pets, place them inside their cage or move them to a different room. Pets can be agitated and frisky before strangers and they could interrupt or delay the performance of carpet cleaning in Perth in your house.

Guide In Purchasing Modern-Themed Office Furniture

Planning is important before purchasing office furniture so that decision making will be easier. Picking out the wrong furniture can be detrimental to the overall business environment as well as negatively affect the productivity of the employees. Here is a simple guide when purchasing modern designer office furniture.

  • Choose comfort first. This should be the first thing on the priority list because it will directly impact the productivity of the people who will be using the furniture. The chairs should be comfortable as well as ergonomic along with the desks. There are those that settle with design and style without looking for the level of comfort offered by the furniture. The aesthetic of a work area will be nothing if the workers are not comfortable as they do their daily tasks. Final decisions should be made after testing has been done.
  • One might think the color of the office furniture is not important, but this is where they are wrong. It is one contributing factor in the productivity of the employees and success of the business. Blue and grey are best in giving off a calming effect. Blue is the color for motivation while orange promotes balance, trust, communication, calming effect and a bit of emotion. Other suitable furniture colors for an office space are green, red, yellow and grey.
  • The functionality of the furniture should come before form. Furniture with unique form might be the first one you look at but standard shapes are also good as long as it offers the function needed and will be able to maintain the work flow in the working area. Traffic should not also be affected by the size of the furniture.
  • One of the most common attributes of modern-day designer office furniture is the ability to organize and reduce clutter in the office. This greatly impacts the productivity in a positive way. Office items have enough space and it doesn’t create clutter on the worker’s desks. The office should have enough bookshelves, bins and file holders. Clutters can be distracting and an organized room will improve the focus of everyone in the office.

The Most Important Considerations When Buying A Vanity For Your Bathroom

When you undertake a bathroom makeover, do you simply want to spruce up the bathroom? Sprucing up is relatively easy because you only need to buy a vanity unit that can be the focus of the overall look of the bathroom. You can go traditional, modern or somewhere in between by simply selecting the right vanity.

The first step when buying a vanity unit is to measure the available space of your bathroom. There must be enough room when entry and shower doors are open. Open the vanity doors and drawers against the dimensions of the bathroom to make sure that it will not disrupt the flow of traffic. Check plumbing particularly if the vanity unit includes a stone basin.

Vanities come in different styles but the most common are the freestanding and built-in. Freestanding vanities are ideal for small spaces while built-in vanities look good for bigger bathroom. If the purpose for buying a vanity unit is for extra counter and storage space, your better choice will be the built-in style.

You also need to decide whether you want a vanity unit with or without a top. A vanity unit with a top is easier to install but the downside is you are stuck with the top that comes with the vanity. Purchasing a vanity without a top allows you to choose the kind of material for the top. Countertops are available in a range of materials from solid surface, glass cultured and natural stone.

You can go for a modern look in your bathroom through your choice of vanity. Common material for vanities is wood but you also have the option of glass or metal. If you are adventurous, you can paint the vanity unit with the colour of your choice. Think about your storage requirements because countertop space as well as drawers will be very important.

If you want to achieve the highest level of luxury and aesthetic perfection in your bathroom, your best option is Painted Vanity Units with Oak Tops. It is also available with two stone solid basin sets in white or cream marble, natural travertine or the traditional ceramic.

Suitable Venue For Team Building In Australia

Team buildings are designed to strengthen organizational relationships and at the same to foster specific core organizational values. If you are one of the numerous organizations that wants to enhance certain aspects of the organization, conduct a team building in Australia to foster camaraderie, team work, creativity and of course, to get to know their colleagues more in a fun way. During team building activities, one of the things to look for is a suitable venue for the event.

To get a conducive venue, consider the number of participants, the type of activities that you intend to have and how long you are going to have the event. For a more effective activity, select a venue that offers exclusivity and one that would allow the participants to move freely and be comfortable with the activities. Here are some ideal venues for team building.


An organization doesn’t have to slice a big chunk from its budget just to conduct a quality team building activity. As a matter of fact, you can have the event right in your office especially if you are a small organization. You can have the activity in your conference room, activity centre or you can rearrange your office setting to make room for the event. Anoffice setting for team building isalso ideal for companies that are just starting out and for those who have limited budget. You just have to think of activities that can be done even with limited space. There are a lot ofactivities for team building in Australia that can be found online.

Hotel or beach resort

If you have ample budget, choose an offsite venue for your team building. This is a good way of incentivizing employees and a way to provide rest and recreation to team members.

Company with team building services

There are companies that offer facilities and expertise on team building in Australia. These companies are comprised of experts who can facilitate events such as team building. They also have a venue for small to large groups. Check the internet for more information.

Tips For Choosing A Luxury Beachfront Resort In Danang

Below are some of the useful tips you can use whenever you need to choose a luxury beachfront resort in Danang or in other tourist destinations in the world for your next summer getaway:

  • For every vacation trip that you are planning whether it’s a beach just outside your city or a fancy luxury beachfront resort in Danang which can give you a relaxing view of the South China Sea at sunset while indulging yourself at the freshest caught seafood for the day, the first thing you need to do is a lot a viable amount of budget which you are willing to spend throughout your vacation. And make sure that you stick to that budget. Make it a habit to check with the resort that you are talking to about extra charges if there are any. Also, check if you can avail discounts if you book earlier.
  • And since you are talking about a beachfront resort, do make sure that the resort has facilities that will enable vacationists to enjoy water-related activities such as scuba diving, kayaking or snorkelling. Also, make sure that there’s enough dining options for you to choose from which include your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between meals. This saves you from having to go out of the premises of the resort just to find something new to eat.
  • It’s okay to Google a resort or follow an advice from your friend or relative. But one thing a responsible vacationist must always do is to do continuous research before making the final choice. Make it a habit to compare multiple options of a resort and see which is suited more to meet your budget and which will give you the most relaxing and most satisfying stay. Now, if you have chosen the resort, don’t stop right there. Visit the official website of the chosen resort to learn more about the services and amenities you can avail there. If you have questions, it’s good that you ask them right away. It’s also necessary that you check on the reviews of previous guests to get a better idea on how it is to stay at that resort.

Services And Facilities At Luxury Hotels In Hua Hin

Whenever we talk about anything that is luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s horribly expensive. When we hear the word “luxury”, we get turn off because only a small percentage of the total population of human beings can afford living the luxurious life and that is the truth that we all have to face no matter how hard it is. Now, if you are planning for your next vacation and you can afford to be luxurious because you already have the money to be, you might want to check out the town of Hua Hin in southern Thailand. Aside from the great number of choices for seafood shacks, there are many luxury hotels in Hua Hin which, vacationists who are willing to pay hefty rates for a nice accommodation, can choose from.

As mentioned, there is an equally great number of luxury hotels in Hua Hin which can give you the true meaning of a luxury vacation. But what if we tell you that there’s a luxury hotel siting in Hua Hin that has two of the ancient royal palaces built for and by the royal family of Thailand in the 1920’s so that the royal family would had a place to stay in when they were in Hua Hin? Yes, that hotel is Anada, the oldest seaside resort known to Thailand. Aside from the great accommodation options in terms of spacious rooms and suites, Anada is also famous among local and foreign vacationists because of the services and facilities that are made available for them inside the hotel. If you are looking to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul and subsequently, want your body to regain its peak form, Anada has a spa which offers various massages and other spa treatments. There’s also a swimming pool and a kiddie pool for those who want take a swim. There’s a cycling track where you can rent a bicycle. They also offer to pick you up from the airport and take you to the resort. If you need to buy Thai Baht, they also have a foreign exchange centre. And, they have Internet connection for the exclusive use of the guests.

4 Reasons To Watch Games At Sports Bar In Bangkok

No matter where you are, if you are a sports aficionado, you just cannot miss an important match or sports event. So if you are in Thailand and you want to be updated with your favourite sports, the best way is to look for excellent sports bar in Bangkok. You can watch pay-per-view right at your hotel or through the internet but there are more reasons why you should hit the best sports bar in the area. Here are some of the reasons why:


Instead of going to rowdy and crowded stadium, you can just watch your favourite sports event in a sports bar with all the latest amenities that sports enthusiasts like you would enjoy. You get a sporty ambiance that would lift your mood and heighten your excitement for the game. When you need to use the comfort room, you don’t have to go to numerous bleachers and alleys just to go when you can easily get to a nearby rest room in the sports bar in Bangkok.

You get to socialize

This is particularly essential when you are travelling alone. Being in a roomful of people who share the same interest with you, striking a conversation would not be that hard. You don’t have to worry about being alone in a crowd because once the game starts, you can easily befriend people and who knows, you can find lasting friendly relations in the bar.

Food and drinks          

Another advantage of watching a sports event in a bar is that you can get all the drinks you want including sumptuous food such as chicken wings, baby back ribs and potato fries that go perfect with beer. This is something you cannot do in a live stadium.

Festive ambiance

One of the things that make a sports bar in Bangkok enjoyable is its festive yet exclusive ambiance. A sports bar is definitely smaller than a stadium so this is ideal for those who are not comfortable with heavy crowd. You get to heckle and cheer for your favourite team and since everyone is doing it as well, the mood becomes even more fun and enjoyable.

Tutorial In Transferring Pictures Into A Canvas

A canvas is not only used for paintings alone but it can also be a great medium where photographs can be showed off. The process of transferring your favorite picture into a canvas is quite easy and would be ideal even for people who have no talent in making crafts. No fancy material is required in order to accomplish this simple task.

There are two ways to go about it, the rustic transfer (for black and white or sepia images) and the clean transfer (colored images). Let us learn how to do the rustic transfer. All you need is a blank canvas, a paintbrush, acrylic gel medium and a water spray. Next you have to print your black and white or sepia photograph with a laser printer. Do not use an ink-jet printer because the result will not be the same. It is ideal for the photo and canvas size to be the same but not required. Remember that the image will have to be reversed when transferring into the canvas so reverse it before printing if you like its present arrangement.

Take the gel medium and cover the surface of the canvas with a thick coat. Place the image into the canvas with the printed side down. Press and spread out evenly to flatten. Use your water spray to wet the back of the photograph while scraping it slowly in order to see the image. Once all the paper have been stripped from the canvas, apply another coat of gel medium as a finishing touch before letting it dry overnight. It is now ready to be displayed.

For clean transfer of colored images, you will need a blank canvas, sealer glue, iron and fine tissue paper. The tissue paper should be the same size as the canvas, iron it to remove any creases and print the photograph on the tissue paper. It might take a few tries but the result will be rewarding. Cover the surface of the canvas with sealer glue and place the printed tissue paper over it. Remove any creases with the help of a foam brush add another layer of the sealer glue if necessary before leaving it to dry. If you want professionally made photos on canvas, contact companies in your area that provides canvas print services.

A Pattaya View

As I walk towards the window of my room in this Pattaya beach hotel. I looked out and saw the view. It was spectacular to be sure, but something bugged me.

The view was beautiful, as I mentioned before. To the left was an azure expanse stretching as far as the eye can see. Even so far from the shore, so detached from the sea, you could tell how clear the water was. Such blueness could only come from clear water. Such blueness, like a precious aquamarine gemstone, and just as captivating. As my gaze shifted towards the shore, I began to see more and more of what made Thailand, Thailand. I suppose it’s not just Thailand now that’s like this, but all over the world.

Upon the shore, there were countless docked boats, next to a stretching line of sand, like an ivory outline, filled with beach houses, tents, volleyball nets, etc. A bit of greenery stood out near the beach, a verdant wall standing before the azure expanse. I guess it was there as shade for the beachgoers, but when placed side-by-side with the ocean and what follows, it seemed rather insignificant.

Following the small bit of greenery, the land was dotted by human infrastructure. Beach resorts, shops, hotels, whatever else you would expect to be seen in an island tourist destination. Very little greenery to be seen, save those small patches that fill up gaps in the buildings.

Not long ago, I had heard news of a new species being discovered somewhere in the country, and I was a bit worried. With humans developing more and more land, I questioned where something like that would live.

I was being paranoid obviously, Thailand still has quite a bit of greenery, of course, but the point is, it’s not an unreasonable thing to worry about. Humanity has done quite a bit of damage to the planet, and it’s not wrong to think about what else we could damage. I believe that doing so is what allows us to realize what we can do about the environment.

Funny thing what you can ponder from looking out a window. All of this started because I looked out a window from my Pattaya beach hotel.