An Explanation Of The Different Types Of Funeral

There are different types of funeral which can take place in Perth or in Australia. A funeral, which is going to reflect the person that died, is a great way to support those that are left behind and to help them move on.

The two primary options are burial and cremation. However, within these types, there are varying options. As an example, you can choose a natural burial or have cremated remains scattered in a specific place. There are also different secular or religious services, which depend on preference. Aside from this, there are a lot of people that also like to have a memorial service aside from the funeral event. This can be done in two different times.

Funeral services

A lot of people choose the more traditional funeral type. This involves a secular or religious service of a kind for commemorating the deceased, and then there is a burial or a cremation afterwards.

For a secular service, a professional registrar or celebrant is normally going to run this service. For a religious service, a religious leader like a rabbi, vicar or priest is going to run this service.


Memorial services
A memorial service is an event where the deceased is honoured. This is normally held in a separate time from a funeral, often times since the body is unavailable, such as when it is missing or when a coroner is brought in. This can also be either secular or religious events. It is the same as a funeral, but with no presence of the body.

Disposal of the cremated remains

After cremation, there is a choice to keep or scatter the cremated remains. A lot of families choose to have the remains in an urn. For others, they choose to scatter it during a later date. It is also common for a family to handle this disposal of the cremated remains during a private event or by themselves, with no help from a celebrant or religious leader.

Any funeral director or Funeral Homes in Perth should be able to arrange the services you intend to have for commemorating a loved one.