Adventurous Sea Sports Around The Wildlife Park Of French Island

The French Island located just to the West of the Port Philip Bay is a rather large but sparsely populated island home to many species of plants and animals. It has a circumference or a coastline of approximately 70 kilometres and therefore lends itself to many spots of interest. These spots of interest may be for kayakers, wildlife photographers, marine biologists and divers. The island itself has a very small population of humans, but some people live here and there are some restaurants and rooms there for those who might need them. Most people usually find themselves staying at the Southern Philip Island nearby which is much more developed.

I chose to go to French Island for a kayaking experience. I wanted to experience one of these wild outdoor adventures in Melbourne and check out what it was all about. I wanted to take an entire day and kayak the entire 70 km coastline of French Island, to see all the sights that it had to offer. Although a Herculean task, I was prepared for it, and had developed the necessary endurance for it. I packed my bags and lodged myself at one of the rooms at French Island, to start my kayaking trip the next morning.

I started near the southern tip and kayaked my way around in a clockwise fashion. Kayaking up the Western face of this island was rather delightful as I had a nearly straight coast to follow and the wind was in my favour. After I took the right turn at the North Western edge, my eyes became bright as I sighted the famous bay of the French Island Marine National Park. The waters were quite easy to navigate as this body of water was bordered to the North by the mainland and to the South by the French Island itself. As I took a turn at the Western edge, I started experiencing some wind resistance and could feel myself slowing down. It was quite a struggle paddling over here. But eventually I made it all the way around and completed the trip. I was proud of myself and I was definitely looking forward to future outdoor adventures in Melbourne that would keep me pumped up, excited, and eager to go.